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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by arrellbee, Jan 8, 2008.

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    I think this was a very interesting depth interview article by Karen Guregian.

    There is another thread that gets all distracted by discussions about a comment Hobbs made about a Deity. I thought Hobbs and Guregian deserved a thread that discussed the 99% remainder of the article.

    It is interesting to see a relatively newer player on the Pats giving interviews, even since he was a rookie, talking about so many issues compared to the norm of the Patriots locker room. My personal impression is that he has done a pretty decent job of avoiding overblown comments. His comments certainly show that he is aggressive in how he expects to perform - perhaps a positive thing for a DB who is out there alone on many defensive sets. But he has seemed to be pretty frank about his successes and shortcomings and the challenge of working hard to do better.

    We certainly need a high-performing CB on the roster for next season ! Be interesting to see how the Patriots fill the other CB position.

    I thought Karen did a fabulous job of bringing some real perspective with respect to Hobbs performance as opposed to the likes of Felger who seem to just want to follow the type of rotten journalism (if it can even be dignified by calling it journalism) that just dwells on negative viewpoints and unjustified perceptions. There is a short recap on Hobbs in relation to his peers that is a good focus.

    It is distressing to the point of disgusting that the likes of Felger beat a derogatory drum rather than giving us any decent analysis of CB responsibilities versus defensive sets that may call for safety cover AND, something that even Karen does not mention, whether the defensive rush is doing ITS JOB in cutting down the time the QB has to allow his receivers to get open. Any CB is going to have an almost impossible job in man-to-man coverage if the QB has too much time.

    Cheers for the New Year.
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    #3 Jersey

    How dare she bring facts into this! :D

    Seriously, though:

    And, BTW, the league average for completions was 61.1%, while the Pats as a whole finished at 59.7%.
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