Interesting article on Brady/Romo & Bledsoe

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by FlyingElvis75, Oct 10, 2007.

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    Most effusive praise of Drew that I have heard in quite some time.
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    near the end it says this:

    Nothing to do with the article, but the writer is correct, Mangini mimics Belichick.

    it also says in the article that Romo has good pocket presence because he is not fast, but I thought he was considered pretty athletic for a QB coming in.
  4. FlyingElvis75

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    He's considered pretty mobile, I think more so than Brady. But both seem to have that "QB sixth sense," where they can feel pressure coming even from the blind side. Brady hasn't scrambled as much this season as in the past, I think, but he used to be pretty good at it when he had to...

    Maybe he's thinking of that run where he juked Brian Urlacher and ran for a first down...I nearly crapped my pants on that play.
  5. MoLewisrocks

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    This guy is delusional. A Drewpie Krishna must have spoonfed him this piece.

    Bledsoe never really mentored Brady, thankfully, so much as tolerated him like the cute Christmas puppy, until he actually took away his job. He never mastered the nuances of the game, like reading defenses, and adhering to game plans, or adapting to his weapons and protecting the football., While his replacement in Dallas may be a gunslinger as he was, Brady thankfully is not. Drew wouldn't even back up Romo in Dallas once Tuna made the switch. In fact he publicly stated that the HC was making a big mistake... His backups certainly were guys who could think on (as well as move around on) their feet, and that is something they could not have possibly learned from the statue.

    Was he once briefly a good sounding board for a youngster who on his own climbed from 4th to 2nd on the roster ladder in a season then was suddenly foisted onto the big stage, sure. Did he have a good work ethic in season, yeah, but he wasn't hanging around for extra tutoring in the off season. Brady was winning off season workout awards while he fished in Montana. He only worked at his game when forced to under threat of unemployment, and only then long enough to get a couple of W's under his belt in a new job. Then he reverted to form. He made the same mistakes over and over and over - something BB simply could not tolerate in a QB. Eventually that even wore Tuna out. In Buffalo he couldn't even handle a coin flip.

    As for the Brady Romo comparisons, aside from nice smiles and seemingly chipper and endearing media personalities, these two are night and day. Romo is Favre at heart with a less egocentric personality. He's good at cajoling his crew into performing, Brady elevates his by disciplined example. Romo scrambles to get out of trouble, Brady deftly slides around in the pocket to keep the play alive. Romo may watch film but on the field he reacts and flies by the seat of his pants when scripted plays break down. Brady understands defenses and has exceptional field vision and pocket presence and commands a sight adjusted offense coached to take what the defense is giving you rather than routinely breaking into chinese fire drill mode. 16 games in, Romo wants his franchise deal. 16 games in Brady already had one ring and just wanted another.

    Washed out of pro football and sports commentary in a flash, what a waste of a Yale education. :rolleyes:
  6. maverick4

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    The only thing Bledsoe did was Brady/Romo saw how laid back Bledsoe didn't care about football, how he was so talented yet didn't put in the extra work to be great.

    Then you have these two unheralded guys who said to themselves, 'I can take this job from this guy, he doesn't even care'. I'm going to work my ARSE off.
  7. sieglo

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    FWIW, it looks like this guy played at Dallas with Romo and Bledsoe, so you think he would have some insight.

    That being said, I think the article is BULLS!T. Everyone knows Brady was mentored by Chuck Norris, not Drew Bledsoe.
  8. FlyingElvis75

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    I'm not sure about that. Why no roundhouse kicks from Brady so far in his career?

  9. LoveDemPats

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    This cracked me up!!
  10. FirstAndGoal

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    I think Drew's mom wrote that.

    I don't want to bash Drew but that article seems like it was written while on acid.
  11. CowboyRomo

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    Bledsoe was a selfish player with an inflated ego who, by my understanding of watching the situations he was in, did not ever want to even think about being a team player, and certainly never helped another QB on the team.

    He could have had more years in the NFL if he could have tolerated being a backup, but couldn't. He retired, and I didn't hear one player say it disappointed them.
  12. PatsFanInVa

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    Okay, I can't criticize Drew for doing exactly what I complain Brett won't do, which is retire before he's on social security.

    Selfish player? Nah. I think he gracefully dealt with both transitions. Just look at Lord Favre, who exclaims, "It's not my job to mentor him" in regard to his young backup. I never heard a cross word out of Drew.

    I have no idea how much Drew explained, mentored, worked with, etc., either Romo or Brady. I think it would be interesting to interview them both on the subject. But I can say that although Drew's situational awareness was never the equal of Tom's (in this more corporate era,) he didn't turn on either organization because they did what was best for the respective teams.

  13. CowboyRomo

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    I agree regarding Lord Favre, and have an open mind about Bledsoe. I actually used to really like the guy.
  14. Gumby

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    #11 Jersey

    I always liked and still do respect Bledsoe for what he did for the franchise.

    that said; you can be mentored / or take things away from another by watching them and saying - ' I dont ever want to be like that' just as much as you can by them showing you how to do it right.

    I dont think most of us know how much Drew helped brady; but I do know that all 3 (or 4 in preseason) qbs sit in the same film room with the same coaches and go over things. I seriously doubt that drew never said a thing in any of those meetings that Brady didn't get something from.

    Nobody is perfect; but that doesnt mean you can't take good and bad from everybody.

    I think the article is just an attempt to find correlation to fill newspapers this week. I don't think the correlation exists. How come JP Losman isn't mentioned in with these 2 guys????? How about all the other backups on Dallas and Buffy and NE that were there when Drew was there. By that reasoning they all should be stars.

    I'm sure Romo and Tom both learned things from Drew. Did that make them the stars they are. No; it was their own internals and their ability to learn from all sources that made them stars.

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