Insights after playing 2 seasons Madden 2008

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    This is what I've learned after playing 2 seasons Madden 2008...

    I see why Stallworth isn't getting any looks. If I need short/mid yards, I look to Watson, and Welker. Watson is good is grabbing balls high out of the air (where if I miss throw, its not a big deal since no one else can make the grab). Welker is good at getting open, and can make the catch at balls thrown at him. If I want to go deep, throw it high and to the outside to Moss. There's a good chance he makes an incredible leaping catch. And, like Watson, if he misses, the ball was thrown high so that no one else can grab it. There's almost no reason to throw at Stallworth. He's not as good in the middle as Watson, not as good on short/mid yards as Welker, and not as good in the long game as Moss. The only reason to throw at Stallworth is to keep the defenses honest.

    I think we should expect a lot of interceptions from our secondary (and from AD) this season. When the offense runs the score up early, the other team is forced to go into a passing game. When this happens, we our LBs into coverage and there'll be plenty of chances to pick the ball off. I'd say 60% of my picks are coming in the 4th quarter (mainly from Samuel, Hobbs, and Thomas). Granted, these picks aren't as valuable since the game is already in our control, but it looks good on the stat sheet.

    A balanced run/pass approach works best In my first madden season, I was going to the air 90+% of the time. Got alot of yards, but got alot of interceptions to. In my second season, I now run 50+% of the time. Don't have as many passing yards, but my interceptions have gone down alot. I'd be all for the Pats going 5 wide all the time, but now I've learned why you need to insert the running game, even if your passing game is incredible.

    When in the red zone, look for Moss first, then Watson.

    Anyone else have madden insights?
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    Yeah, I don't understand why we don't just edit players to make them better. I do it all the time. I also fiddle with the other team's AI if I want to give them a real pounding. Why doesn't BB do this in real life?


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