Innocence Lost (its all over)

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Apr 28, 2007.

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    Many liberals, most all of your batty politically correct, all of the "PHONY" do-gooders love to crow about how they would never want to go back to the bad old forties or fifties, they laugh when history tells them how safe America was, they laugh and snicker when told of people walking the streets and enjoying the country's parks with no fear of being murdered.
    Have you watched the Video of the savage mother f-cker punching the 101 year old women in the face at the ATM machine for 32 dollars, in the forties or fifties this would have been headline news for months, the maggot would have been beaten to death as soon as he was locked up, society would have been rid of him, he is useless to humanity, he never should have been born, he should have been aborted at eight months the liberal way and had his little f-cking head ripped off with forceps, you bet your a$s.

    The sport of Professional Boxing has been ruined, now America's National Passtime is next, the sport that every young boy in America cherished, Baseball is now being destroyed by the "New America", the "Scumbag America", whats next?

    News Today:
    APRIL 27--In a new steroids bombshell, a former New York Mets clubhouse employee has admitted distributing various performance-enhancing drugs to "dozens of current and former Major League Baseball players." Kirk Radomski, 37, pleaded guilty today to distributing anabolic steroids and laundering the proceeds of the illicit business, which operated from his New York home.

    Take your kid fishing, f-ck these sports, they're time has come and gone.

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