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    #87 Jersey

    Did Not Participate in PracticeLB Eric Alexander (knee)S Mel Mitchell (groin)RB Sammy Morris (chest)TE Benjamin Watson (ankle)S Eugene Wilson (ankle)Limited Participation in PracticeQB Tom Brady (right shoulder)

    Rules for Being a Member of Patriot Nation
    (With thanks to PatriotsReign for inspiration...)

    1. To be a member of Patriot Nation, you must first accomplish the pre-requisite of being a REAL BOSTON SPORTS FAN. To consider yourself as such, you pretty much have to have been born in Mass., Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine or Rhode Island. Sorry, Connecticut folks, but your schizoid sports wasteland doesn't count. Go root for Yale or watch old films of the Hartford Whalers or something. You must also be a die-hard fan of all the New England professional teams AND college teams.

    2. ANYONE who roots for the Yankees, Lakers or Canadiens is a complete jack a s s and should be dismissed from any serious sport conversations anyway. These people probably play "PASS" in craps. Whenever possible, kill them and their offspring as a public service.

    3. You can root for whoever you want, but if the Patriots are just one piece of some perverted, bi-polar, multi-regional fabric of your sports loyalties, then you are NOT a TRUE BOSTON SPORTS fan. Suck off our tit if it makes you happy, but keep your mouth shut when it comes to serious sports conversations among our elitist and old school fraternity.

    4. If you were NOT born in New England, you are already at a considerable disadvantage culturally, spiritually and emotionally. We pity you. As pro bono work, however, we would like to help you to see the light if at all possible. As a first step, we will ALLOW you the privilege of rooting for our teams if you agree to behave yourself at our pleasure and show the old-schoolers and the TRUE BOSTON SPORTS FANS the proper respect.

    5. It is possible to earn membership in PATRIOT NATION and become a TRUE BOSTON SPORTS FAN without being born and bred in New England, but this honor is rare and not easy to attain. Sorry, but it's not going to be as easy as coming on board in 2003 and buying a Rodney Harrison jersey from the Pro Shop. We will let you know when we think you're ready to take a shot and qualifications for this honor can only be communicated in secret to preserve the integrity of this ancient and honored society.

    6. Finally, once you understand what it is we're talking about here, you'll find yourself getting tattoos of Celtic, Red Sox, Patriot & Bruins logos, chanting "Let's Go, Red Sox" in your head as you drive down the street with no one else in the vehicle and wondering about things like "Why didn't we keep Orlando Cabrera?" in your spare time. Once this happens, congratulations, YOU HAVE ARRIVED!
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