Indy Star: Here they come again

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SoonerPatriot, Jan 15, 2007.

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    He's actually a pretty good writer. I hit up the site pretty much every week. He writes from a fan's perspective. Sorta neurotic like a lot of hardcore fans are especially at this time of year. Been reading him since 2003. He's a ball washer but it usually centers on Dungy.
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    He is definitely NOT a ball washer. Colts fans despise him. Sometimes I think it borders on our dislike of Borges.

    I have heard Kravitz interviewed on Dennis and Callahan. He sounds pretty knowledgeable.
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    Really good article. All those Superbowl Victories must be going to my head cuz I did enjoy it.

    I'm glad he didn't mention in his article what Brady's record in dome's was. Oh well, no need to worry them anymore then what they already are.

    Something's got to give in this game. We just beat a team that was undefeated at home that was on a 10 game win streak. We are 9-1 on the road which is the best in Pat's history. Probably better or as good than anyone in history if you check the record books. The Pats play super on artificial surface.

    I'm confident and think NE has a good chance of pulling this game out. If we had Ty Law I would be 100% lol. We haven't beat the Colt's since his departure.

    Something will give here,either us or them. They are good enough and this will be their best shot to get it done. They are undefeated at home. If Peyton and co. lose on their homefield, the last of the excuses will be used and they mind as well move the team to NFL Europe or worse,the NFC. It doesn't get any better than this for their fans.
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    Well, In my opinion, if Peyton does not get it done this time around, with all the advantage in the Colts' corner, look for the the Indy media, national media, and Indy fans to start really grilling on him. If that happens, I would not be surprised if either Manning or Dungy are gone some time in the not too distant future. And, look for that to be Tony Dungy. I think is indeed Indy's best chance here. I think from here the "window of opportunity" starts to close for them under the Manning era.

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    The excuses actually started Sunday morning. I heard guys on tv and radio saying the same things.

    The gist of it: "We villify manning as not being able to win the big one when his defense lets him down. Now that he has a defense, he is playing at a sub par level by his standards and as a result, is still not getting the respect. He should not be judged by his team's accomplishments."
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    Gee, that is interesting, somehow I thought football was a "team" game. I guess there is a "me" in team in some corners.

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    Always a fan of good line:

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    That was my favorite too. Grin from ear to ear picturing Brown playing a wooden flute on the sideline lol
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    Bump Bump -anything to get discussions back onto the next game!
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    he forgot to mention Troy Brown playing special teams too.
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    Playoff wise, I do think this is the best chance for Indy to win especially if they can keep up the good defensive play. I think Indy is winning UN-Indy like and that really concerns me. That said, I am far less scared than I was with SD. It just seems less daunting to me to be playing Indy in Indy than SD in SD. This is not to say, again, that Indy isn't capable of beating us and we aren't capable of losing to them. It just seems familiar territory to be battling the Colts versus this past Sunday's unknown Goliath.

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