In case anyone watches the Rose Bowl...

Discussion in 'Boston College Fan Forum' started by TrueBeliever, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. TrueBeliever

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    I found out today that one of the players on the defensive line for the Wisconsin Badgers is a distant relative of mine. :)

    Here's his profile if you're interested: Player Bio: Ethan Hemer - - The Official Web Site of the Wisconsin Badgers

    I stumbled across the story looking at the local newspaper's website. Seems the kid is a walk-on freshman who is really becoming a stand-out player. He was offered scholarships by a few smaller schools, but ultimately decided to go to Madison, and obviously it worked out well for him.

    It's not like he'll be sending me tickets or anything. Actually I've never met him, though I know his dad fairly well. But I just thought that was neat. :rocker:
  2. DFlo

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    That's awesome!

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