Impressive stat: Drives starting inside own 20 yard line

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by eric5280, Nov 1, 2007.

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    I found this to be an incredible stat that should help Colts fans understand why experts see the Patriots as a dominant team.

    Here is a rundown of their drives that have started inside their own 20 yard line. *Excludes end of half drives that result in a kneel down.

    Own 9, TD
    Own 5, TD
    Own 9, TD
    Own 11, TD
    Own 2, TD
    Own 19, TD
    Own 15, TD
    Own 7, Punt
    Own 18, TD
    Own 12, Punt
    Own 10, TD
    Own 15, TD
    Own 12, TD
    Total 11 TDs (84.6%), 2 Punts (15.4%)

    By comparison, here are the Colts results
    Own 18, Fumble
    Own 15, FG
    Own 16, Punt
    Own 17, FG
    Own 1, Int
    Own 13, Punt
    Own 17, TD
    Own 16, FG
    Own 13, Fumble
    Own 2, Punt
    Own 14, TD
    Total 2 TDs (18.2%), 3 FGs (27.3%), 3 Punts (27.3%), 3 TOs (27.3%)

    When the experts watch film and see long drive after long drive that result in touchdowns, they tend to favor that team. I'm not saying this stat is an indication of who's going to win this week 9 game but it does clearly show why a lot of people have been so impressed by the Patriots offense this year.
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