Important offseason dates

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    From Jaguars.Com's Ask Vic feature:

    Feb. 7-21, teams may designate franchise and transition players;
    Feb. 11, first day teams may cut players;
    Feb. 20-26, scouting combine in Indianapolis;
    Feb. 28, 2007 player contracts officially expire and teams must have reported to the league tenders for restricted free agents and exclusive-rights free agents;
    Feb. 29, free agency and trading begins;
    March 17, first day teams may begin offseason conditioning;
    April 18, deadline for RFA offer sheets;
    April 26-27, NFL draft.
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    thanks miguel. i'll add this to my offseason transactions thread. i have it up and running at a few other sites, but ill wait til the pats are in the offseason until i post it here.
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