I'm so proud of our 2007 19-0 attempt

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Snarf, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. Snarf

    Snarf Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I guess if there's one thing that this Colts fiasco has done, it has put our 2007 attempt in perspective. I'll be honest when I say that for over a year I found thinking about that whole season so depressing... as if we wasted something great at the end. As if that final loss overshadowed everything before.

    But not anymore. We tried. Tirelessly. Belichick gave us every opportunity to do it. We might have failed in the end, but we clearly did all we can -- left nothing on the table. What the Colts did was cowardly and pathetic. It makes me so proud that I don't have to be a fan of such an incredibly stupid team.

    I'm so proud of out 2007 Pats and our coach.
  2. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan B.O. = Fugazi PatsFans.com Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    I agree, I remember Belichick once saying "don't be afraid to strive for greatness", I think the quote was about draft choices but it fits. Whether it's 16-0 or 4th and 2 he has the big balls to go for it - I'd rather do that than punt. Even though it hasn't worked out since 2004, we were two plays away (one in each game) from winning SB in 2006 and 2007. Our SB years were also a play or two away from losses, not winning since 2004 doesn't detract from what has happened this decade for me.
  3. Mista Kool

    Mista Kool Rookie

    Well said.
  4. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Exactly. This team has the second most wins in the decade (and 2 more Lombardi's and 3 more SB appearances to date than the team with the most wins), and has competed for the division in nine of ten seasons winning the division 7 times and losing only on tie breakers twice. Managed to win 21 straight and complete the first 16-0 undefeated regular season in NFL history along the way (while wearing a bullseye on their backs and absorbing the most intense media scrutiny and pressure of any team in any decade to boot). Wouldn't trade this run for anything or anyone else's individual season. Who'd have thought Cinderella (after which they never owed me another damn thing) would turn out to be the most dominant team in a decade...

    And the best news it it's not over by a long shot with Brady still well within a QB's prime and Belichick still stoked with HC'ing and a raft of draft picks gamble with and a homegrown family ownership who sets the franchise bar leaguewide.
  5. Mountain_Commando

    Mountain_Commando Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Agree 110%. We can now proudly say to all the naysayers (especially Colts fans) 'at least we had the balls to go for it'. In fact, I suspect other teams will now invariably respect Pats and BB for our '07 run even more, in light of the Colts waving the white flag.
  6. upstater1

    upstater1 Pro Bowl Player

    The Patriots had no choice but to go for it in 207.

    That's what makes the Colts decision totally strange.

    How could you not go for it?

    If you think a loss will benefit your team, o if you think rest will benefit them, you still can't do what the Colts did.

    I don't buy what Belichick was selling at his press conference yesterday about looking after the best interests of your team. A one loss Patriot team would get a better chance at the Super Bowl win. I do follow that logic.

    But Belichick manned up.
  7. Bella*chick

    Bella*chick Addicted to the light

    #12 Jersey

    Not only that, but in reading a article castigating the Colts by Jason Whitlock (I hate that guy, but read it anyway) I noticed two things. One, the 2007 Pats are talked about in the same breath as the 72 Dolphins anyway and two, the SB That Shall Not Be Named was talked about as a fluke. When one sees what the Giants have done since then and what we continue to do, the more insignificant their lucky play becomes.
  8. ctpatsfan77

    ctpatsfan77 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #3 Jersey

    The NFL record book counts playoffs separately.

    But even Canton knows that the Pats' 2003-2004 streak of 21 that actually includes a Super Bowl win beats the Indianapolis Chickens' streak of 23 that doesn't.
  9. AndyJohnson

    AndyJohnson PatsFans.com Veteran PatsFans.com Supporter

    Actually I think that we have the most wins in the decade, and for some reason everyone quoting that stat want to ignore playoff games. Like they don't count or something. :eek:
  10. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    Well played, Andy. Well played.
  11. wistahpatsfan

    wistahpatsfan Pro Bowl Player

    #75 Jersey

    Especially when you consider what a brutal game the Giants reg season game was. And the Giants winning the big one was probably one of the luckiest SB win ever, IMO...not that that matters.

    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

    #12 Jersey

    This is why I laugh at other teams' fans who tried to clown me after the loss to the Giants. Just to have been in a position to do that is an achievement in itself.
  13. sieglo

    sieglo In the Starting Line-Up

    A queen-high straight flush beats an ace-high flush any day.
  14. RhodyPatriot

    RhodyPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    Agree completely. I've never had the '07 SB hangover so many other Pats fans routinely cite. While bitterly disappointed that miracle catches and dropped INT's denied the Pats a perfect season I have always been incredibly proud of that team, their toughness and professionalism. They never made excuses when they lost. Never did!! It's why I've never had a problem with the 16 - 0 banner hanging in Gillette. They should celebrate that. It's so incredibly hard to go undefeated with your schedule. As times goes by more and more fans and mediots will come to really appreciate what the Patriots did that year.

    PS- the one thing I will NEVER forget or forgive is the snub of the Patriots from Roger Goodell prior to the Lombardi trophy being given to the Giants. For Goodell to not acknowledge the Patriots and the season they had was criminal. I will never forget that snub. I'm hoping someday soon the Patriots can return the favor to Goodell "in person". ;)
  15. PatsFanSince74

    PatsFanSince74 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Absolutely, unless, of course, one takes into consideration the fact that Playoff Games against the best teams in the League are sooooooooo much easier to win than Regular Season Games against teams with 2--14 and 4--12 records! :rolleyes:
  16. JMarr

    JMarr In the Starting Line-Up

    +1. The thing that hits me is that the Pats did it with one of the most brutal regular season schedules ever--Indy, San Diego, Giants, Cowboys, Eagles, Ravens, Steelers, plus the division.

    Re: the Colts: To me this is just another example of the Colts' M.O.--they are a fragile smoke and mirrors team who would have ZERO rings but for one of the most pathetic performances in SB history by the Bears.

    Why would you pull Peyton in a close game and not try to get a more comfortable lead? Maybe because you're in a dogfight with a fired up Jets team whose defense is firing on all cylinders. You sense the very real possiblity of losing anyway, so save face and yank him [with the game on the line] under the pretense of "resting" the starters. Weak.
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  17. PatsFanSince74

    PatsFanSince74 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Well said, Mo! I posted out here yesterday a link to an article in the NY Daily News where the Giants win was called a "fluke" (yes, the word was used of that game in a New York Daily!) by one of the regular scribes; as far as I know, that was the first time it was so described in the national media outside of New England and frankly I'm surprised it happened so quickly. The thread got moved as "OT" to the NFL forum, but I still think it was very much On Topic and at the heart of this Franchise.

    As time goes by, people will view that season and that team as one of the two or three greatest in the history of the NFL, vying for the title of the greatest. The season and the loss to the Giants will be discussed for generations and will be described in almost Shakespearian terms as an anomaly of the Fates. It will always hurt like hell that they lost that game, but how they played will always be a source of pride to Patriots Fans and admiration to real(!) Football fans.
  18. MrTibbs

    MrTibbs Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    It doesn't look like a team might touch that points scored in a season by the Patriots and scored against ratio for quite some time if ever at all. The saints are 80 something points or so away from that in regards to points scored.
  19. Fball

    Fball Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    What the Pats did in 2007 was amazing, and that last regular season game w/ the Giants was one for the ages; I thought it would change the way all coaches approach the end of the season.

    But why is there a need to always diminish the Giants win in the Superbowl as a "fluke"? The Giants played hard in that game, and most acknowledge that they outplayed the Pats, especially on defense. Yes, they got "lucky" plays, but it's hard to remember a Superbowl where the winning team didn't get those along the way.

    It really wasn't very unlike the Pats first Superbowl win. If the Pats & Rams played 10 games, the Rams probably win 8-9 of them; same with the Giants/Pats. But that's why they play the games...
  20. LiveShot

    LiveShot Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    It doesn't mean a damn thing. I'd rather they had lost 5 games but won the Super Bowl. I'll bet if anyone asked the team members they would agree.
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