I'm SICK of the politics

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by hambone1818, May 13, 2008.

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  1. hambone1818

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    This is just ridiculous. Everything that I've seen revealed--and actually, today's revelations help to support these claims--indicate that this entire thing, from beginning to end, has been a witch hunt. The Patriots were guilty of a rules infraction--taping while in an undesignated area. Fast-forward 7 months, and you have $750,000 in fines, the loss of a 1st round draft pick, people calling for the forfeiture of Super Bowl rings, people calling for a 1-year suspension of Belichick, people just plain lying about the rules, about what the Patriots did, about the impact that this all had on the game. Not to mention the false revelation on the eve of the Super Bowl that there was a tape that doesn't exist, which very well could have had a direct impact on the game (you think Belichick would have rather been preparing for the Super Bowl than answering questions about a non-existant tape?)

    Why, in the face of ALL OF THIS BULL****, have the Patriots sat idlly by and allowed the franchises' reputation to be dragged through the mud? I would ABSOLUTELY have releases about this information: 1) no Rams walkthrough tape (oops, Herald, looks like we're gonna have to sue you); 2) the admission of Jimmy Johnson re: taping around the league; other teams/coaches saying they weren't worried about all of this.

    At this point in time, now that all this ridiculousness has occured, I would ABSOLUTELY be on the offensive: sue the Herald, force ESPN to deal with the debacle that was Wingo/Carter/Schlereth this afternoon (I didn't see it, but reading everything on here it just sounds embarrasing; after the fact how could they POSSIBLY continue to say that the Patriots used the tapes mid-game?), and write a formal letter to the NFL league offices demanding that the penalty be reassessed in light of the fact that this thing has been a media-driven witch hunt and that, when taken in a historical context and after a review of all relevant information, the penalty was far too severe.

    I know, I'm rambling, I just can't believe that after THREE AND A HALF months this was the big revelation: no new news...and yet the media has treated it as though the Patriots are even more guilty. **** THEM ALL.
  2. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    politics comes from to ancient greek words......

    Poli meaning many


    Tics meaning small bloodsucking insects.
  3. BelichickFan

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    I think we all agree - however we just have to make it through whatever Sphincter has to say then we can move on. The media will still refer to it but after Sphincter it'll just be a mild gust of wind, not a hurricane.
  4. BadMoFo

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    I can almost bet that ESPN will lead with Arlen's bull**** presser. I can guarantee that he is going to call out Goodell and talk about conspiracy theories and what not.
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