I'm off to Ireland...

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by captain stone, May 26, 2007.

  1. captain stone

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    ...for ten days.

    We drive to BWI tomorrow, fly to NYC, take Aer Fungus to Dublin, rent a car and drive to the city. Our kids are dancing in a feis, an Irish dance competition, with a dozen other members of their school in Harrisburg. I don't expect them to win any medals; as long as they do their best, it's the best they can do. I just hope that we don't kill ouselves driving on the left side of the road, with the steering wheel on the right side of the car, in what looks to be some steadily rainy weather for perhaps the entire time. If I had my way, we would take the Guinness and Jameson's tour, and pay homage to Windmill Lane Studio; instead, we'll probably visit the Zoo. Brilliant.

    While I'm gone, folks, please keep it civil, and keep it about football.

    And oh yes, Legalize It.
  2. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Have a blast and make sure you have a Smitwicks for me...
  3. BoltsFan

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    Damn. Wish I was going. One of the destinations I'd love to check out at some point. Enjoy!
  4. Patjew

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    I've been driving on the left side of the road here. Some advice: you have more room on the right side of the car than you think you do, but LESS on the left. I know someone who accidentally breaks off the left sideview mirror of his rental car every time he visits the UK. Be careful, have fun!

    (I hear that Air Lingus really sucks now.)
  5. captain stone

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    Thanks for the advice, PJ. I'll pass it on to my wife, who will be doing most of the driving.

    My brother-in-law's sister, both Irish, works (or worked) for Aer Lingus. He himself called it Aer Fungus when he told me of his family's trip to Ireland in March. But where's the incentive to improve, when you're the biggest player in that market?

    Now stay out of trouble, you crazy kids.
  6. The_Dragon

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    As an Irishman let me welcome you Captain_Stone. The weather isn't too bad here, especially down South where I am. An election is just finished and the parties are trying to put together a coalition government, so obviously following that will more than make up for missing the football... ;)

    Aer Lingus will be an experience. Like a lot of the airlines in Europe now it's adopting the 'new frills' attitude. In other words you have to pay for everything! Hopefully the new agreement between the States and Europe about opening up the flight routes will provide more competition. Enjoy the ten days!
  7. RayClay

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    It is a tradition in my family and that of many Irish Americans, to leave the left side mirror in Ireland. I think it's good luck.

    *At least that's the excuse me and my sister would like to use*

    Oh, and Hi Patjew!!
  8. marty

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    We had a wonderful trip back to the mother country(my husband's) just two years ago. To say the driving was an adventure is understating the experience! No mirrors lost, but managed to blow tires a few times, hitting rocks when gutter driving! Good luck to your wife, and I'd highly recommend that you check to make sure the rental's spare tire is good!
  9. brdmaverick

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    it's a bad day to go to Ireland, why?

    well, because today Ireland is coming to us.

    There is an Ireland/Bolivia soccer match being held at Gillette Stadium in just a few hours.
  10. Danny Boy®

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    A Guinness at Mulligans is not to be missed.
  11. gomezcat

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    Have fun. I'm half Irish but have only ever been to Dublin. Some day I'll go and see the other bits, FWIW.

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