I'm a Falcons fan first, but Foxborough is where it's at.

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    Hello. I'm a Falcons fan from the suburbs north of Atlanta. I like the Patriots a lot though. Tom Brady is my favorite non-Falcon player. It's puzzled me for a long time why every organization in football doesn't try to be like the Patriots, so I'm thrilled to have the GM, coach and quarterback we have in Atlanta that seems to follow the Patriots mold to near perfection.

    I also hate Rex Ryan, and I'm not one of these bandwaggon haters. Sure, I didn't know anything about him before he got the job in New York, but from the first time I heard that guy talk I knew he was a ginormous d-bag. Dude is the epitome of what I would hate to see in the Falcons' coach. I think he's a terrible coach, and eventually, when his roster is not LOADED with talent, his teams will fail and he will have to return to being a coordinator, where he belongs.

    Anyway, I've decided to start following the Patriots more closely, because I really do love the way their organization is run and I very much enjoy watching them play. Your board is super nice. Much, much, much better than what I have to look at when I go to the Falcons' message board.
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    Glad to have another Georgian on the board :D

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