Illegal Alien, OUI busted, Uncle Omar eligible for MA drivers license

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    Nothing to see here folks, move along...:rolleyes:

    Come on in, Omar... your driver’s license is ready!

    By John Zaremba
    Thursday, May 10, 2012 - Updated 6 hours ago

    President Obama’s deportation-dodging uncle can legally walk into a Registry of Motor Vehicles office tomorrow and walk out with a driver’s license — even though he isn’t here legally — 45 days after copping a plea in the drunken-driving bust that exposed him as a 20-year fugitive from federal immigration authorities.

    Onyango Obama, 67, has completed the month-and-a-half suspension a judge slapped on him in late March, when he admitted that Framingham cops had enough evidence to convict him for an OUI bust in August.

    The news renewed outrage over the RMV’s treatment of the case — especially among Republican lawmakers who demanded answers last month, when Obama scored a special license that allowed him to drive to his job as a liquor store manager.

    Come on in, Omar... your driver’s license is ready! -


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