If we're looking for WR - why not Curtis

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  1. I was wondering since we're looking for another receiver i.e. Stallworth, Moss rumors, Washington interest, why are we not looking at Kevin Curtis. I see that a lot of people here were saying good things about him - personally I havent seen him much. Is his price tag too high? Is/was Detroit a done deal ?Since he had to change his agent ( 5 day waiting period) perhaps now would be the time to approach him.

  2. zippo59

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    I think he was last interviewing with Philadelphia.
  3. MrTibbs

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    I think he signed with the Eagles not just visited.

    EDIT: I just checked and he hasn't signed yet.
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  4. Jimke

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    Good question. I have been wondering about that myself.

    He is rated high among the available receivers and probably will

    demand Bennett type money. It's time for the Pats to close the door

    on Stallworth.
  5. sebman2112

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    I like Kevin Cutis, but NE already got a receiver who is somewhat simular in Welker, so they might not go after him. Also, curtis wants to much, for what he is.
  6. ClevTrev

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    Indications are that Curtis has a high price. Since the Pats haven't even scheduled a visit, there's a reason why Curtis will not end up with the Pats. Only Beoli knows for sure . . .

  7. Based on what I've read (again havent seem him much) - he is VERY different than Welker.

    It seems to me that he's a deep threat guy 4.2s ?? is this correct whereas Welker is a great slot guy .

    The only similarity seems to be that theyre both white.

    My guess is his price but...
  8. sebman2112

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    Kevin Cutis has filled in on the outside when either Holt, or Bruce have been down, but he is more of a slot WR. He is also short, has good cuts, is speedy, and is somewhat dependable. Yea, he is somewhat simular to Welker.
  9. I disagree. Kevin Curtis can play the slot, but he's more of a pure outside guy. He's more Terry Glenn, while Wes Welker is more Troy Brown. Huge difference, but they're both useful receivers.

    That said, I wouldn't mind seeing Curtis here, but everything I've read suggests he's really not interested in playing on the East Coast...just as A. Thomas wasn't interested in playing on the West Coast. So it might take more money to get him here...and for what he is, I'm not interested in paying above market for his services.

  10. feelthepain

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    It's been reported he wants to play on the left coast.
  11. DW Toys

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    Why would we not want Curtis. Everybody tags him as a slot guy. He's not just a slot guy and can be a #1. He has as much speed as Stallworth, has hands and runs routes. He's smart and is the same size (5' 11" and 190 vs 6' and 196) as Stallworth and can take a hit. He caught 40 last year and Stallworth 38. Stallworths carrer YPC is 15 and Curtis in roughly 13. Curtis does not get hurt and Stallworth does. Curtis can play ST. Stallworth has Rosenlouse.

    Why are we saying Curtis is a slot guy? Anybody know anything different? Do they sit Holt and "the Preacher'? No, he just had to play slot to get on the field.

    He's cheaper, smarter and as productive. He wanted the west coast but now is looking further. He got fed up with his a** of an agent and wants to sign.

    Gaffney, Curtis and Welker running loose in a three receiver set causes some problems (or a healthy CJ) Curtis can stretch the field too. Stallworth can stretch his hammy. 27 of Curtis' 40 cathches were for first downs.

    DW Toys
  12. Rob0729

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    After Adalius Thomas, Curtis was the next player on my free agent list that I wanted the Pats to go after. I always felt if all we got were those two and it was a tremendous free agency.

    I always thought Curtis was a Deion Branch clone with the potential to be better than him (although definitely not guaranteed). They have similiar build, playing style, and speed. Mike Martz's offense has some similiarities to ours and that is where he flourished most. Curtis, like Branch, is what the Patriots look for in a receiver in terms of size, intelligence, aggressiveness, etc.

    My only guess is that the Pats sent out feelers and he was too expensive or didn't want to play in the Northeast (he has said that he would like to play on the west coast although it appears no west coast team is interested).

    Maybe once Curtis gets a new agent tomorrow, the Pats will throw their hats into the ring especially if Stallworth goes elsewhere or wants too much.
  13. coltsfan

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    As someone who has seen Curtis play, I agree with you totally. He is a great route runner and will definitely be a quality starting WR in this league. He's got great speed too.

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