If the Colts win today, is the monkey off Manning's back?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by JoeSixPat, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. JoeSixPat

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    We've all said it - because thus far its true: Manning (more so than even the Colts) can't win the big game.

    Sure Colts fans try to convince us that wild card playoff games are big games... but we all know the truth.

    Now I'd say today's game is DEFINATELY a big game. And should the Colts win, I won't be whining about officials and their calls like so many other team fans do when their teams win.... I'll congratulate the Colts as I expect their fans should cease all their past whining and congratulate us when we win.

    And while having won a real bonifide "big game" will be a major accomplishment for Manning, today's game won't really do much to get that monkey off his back.

    Until he actually has a SB Ring on his finger, there's always going to be that Dan Marino asterix next to his name.... so in many ways, even if Manning wins today the monkey is still there

    And if he loses, that monkey just turned into an 800 lb. gorilla.
  2. dtbrks

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    I think he has to win the superbowl.
    Marino made it once, but never one it and he is known for not winning the big one.

    But.. i don't think this is his year:D
  3. PatsWorldChamps

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  4. BelichickFan

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    He needs to win the Super Bowl. Like I've said on other threads, I am glad he has to beat us to get there. If he does it, more power to him - assuming the refs don't decide it of course.
  5. BigEZPatsFan76

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    Well, I think it will get a certain monkey off his back, the one where they never made it to the Big Dance. I think he has gotten rid of the "Pats monkey on his back", the last two games. I think the media makes something way bigger out of this than it actually is. You would think that we played the Colts 7 or 8 times in the playoffs, beating them every time, the way they portray it. We have only played TWICE in that respect.

    The bigger issue here is not so much getting by the Patriots, as it is actually getting there. If the Pats beat the Colts today, it will really give ammunition to those who claim Peyton Manning is nothing more than a stats whore, and not a great "team" player. If they lose again, I think it would very tough for Manning and the Colts to bounce back from that. Polian will have a coronary, and probably make drastic changes. I would not be surprised if Tony Dungy is either canned or on very thin ice next year, should they lose. If they are going to do it, better do it NOW. I don't think it will ever be set up for them like this again. They are the "favorite", albeint a slight one). It is in their stadium, and the Pats did the dirty work for them (beating SD). NO WAY does Indy go down to SD and beat the Chargers, had they beaten the Pats. For once, it is nice to see ALL of the pressure on them this time around. I have no doubt that Manning senses a ton of weight on his shoulders today.


  6. PATSNUTme

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    He is NOT going to win today so it's a moot point.
  7. Patriotic

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    If Sir Chokes-A-Lot loses, he'll blame his OL and the monkey on his back.
  8. RodRustsGhost

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    It's a big monkey. It really has to interfere with his throwing mechanics.

    Are his throwing mechanics related to the same mechanics that sang with Mike back in the 80s?

    That would suggest that all Peyton needs is a miracle.

    I'm not saying..i'm just saying. ya know?
  9. wdkantro2

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    The "monkey" will be off his back if he wins the Super Bowl. However, I still don't think winning one makes him better than Brady. So many people say "Brady might be better now, but Manning will be better as soon as he gets a ring." I don't think this is true. One ring can easily be a fluke (see Trent Dilfer, Doug Wililams etc.). If he wins TWO rings and Brady doesn't win any more, then I would admit Manning is the better player. But one ring I don't think changes their positions as #1 and #2.
  10. NEPatriot

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    I agree with other the other posters. While a Colts victory would be a big win, to end all of the talk that Payton can't win the big one he needs to win a Super Bowl. That said, I think either way he's one of the greatest QB's ever.
  11. PatsMyBoyz!

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    If he gets to Miami and loses,I'm not sure he'll be all that much better off than he is now, in fact a SB loss may just end up furthur solidifying his present reputation.
    The pressure on Pay-A-Ton will not cease until he gets The Ring.jmo.
  12. Flying Fungi

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  13. rtunstal

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    If he wins this today and loses in 2 weeks, polion will ask that the super bowl be played only in the RCA Dome so that the colts can win the big one.
  14. PatsMyBoyz!

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    There we go.
  15. mgteich

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    No, he needs to win a Super Bowl.

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