If selections were made today, would Brady be in the Pro Bowl?

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  1. brdmaverick

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    What do you guys think, if selections were made based on the perfomances of the first 13 weeks of the NFL season, would Tom Brady have a spot on the AFC team in the Pro Bowl.

    The way I see it, Peyton Manning definitely has a spot.

    I think the other two spots would go to Carson Palmer and Tom Brady.

    Brady will need to hold off Rivers and McNair. McNair may not be having a great season statistically, but he may get some of votes based on the turnaround of the Baltimore team.

    Who else on the Pats do you think would be Pro Bowl bound at this point?
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  2. Flying Fungi

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    yarrgh...Brady gets in, but only because of 9-3 with a developmental offense and 1a (read:first season-ish) OC...not his best season stat wise, but damn he has kept his wits about him...

    Ty Warren is PB
    Asante is PB
    Vrabes/Vince/Colvin/Tedy/Sey--in that order have all been disruptive, but perhaps only Vrabes of this group
    Maroney as a KO returner
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  3. AndyJohnson

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    I could argue the order of your last group of guys, but all have played as well as the other players in the league at their position who could/will get in, but dont get the fanfare.

    Koppen belongs in the pro-bowl, and Mankins is close too. (Personally, I think Matt Light has deserved to already go at least once because he is as good a run blocker as you find at LT, and above avg pass blocker, but LT has 'name guys' and he isnt one)
    Watson IMO belongs in a pro-bowl, but other guys are having good years too.

    To the original question why wouldnt the best QB in the nFL be in the probowl?
  4. brdmaverick

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    well, the best QB in the NFL hasn't won an MVP yet, right.

    Things don't always fall the way we think they should. Just think, Tom Brady received a vote as the dirtiest player in the league. Some unexpected things happen.
  5. frankiesfly

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    rivers is a possibilty too, so i dont think he would make it, but he is a likeable guy, and might get a lot of fan votes.
  6. Flying Fungi

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    yes...I didn't give Sey due credit...if Junior had stayed healthy I would have popped him in there too--leadership points after all...
  7. DarrylS

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    With #12's history, and having had to work with a new group of receivers and the Pats having won 75% of their games.. the answer is yes. Manning is #1, but Brady is a close second.

    Others that should be on this team include Koppen, Seymour and Warren... Seymour will make it, because anyone player who votes will have to give it to him because he beats the crap out of them every week. Seymour also has the history, despite not showing up in the box score, and plays his position as well as anyone in a 3-4 defense.
  8. brdmaverick

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    I think Seymour can get in on reputation alone, much like Mike Alstott used to with Tampa Bucs.
  9. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Palmer and Manning are locks, Brady should get in, only Rivers is the other challenge.. Brady deserves the nod
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  10. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    What you say is partially true, in that Brady deserves to go based on his work with a new group of WRs and still winning games. He has gotten substandard protection in some games. His interceptions have been largely on the WRs, he has played pretty clean football when you consider his new offense changes.

    Where you are wrong, and the rest of the country is wrong, is the idea that Manning should be ahead of Brady. Manning would have screwed up this season or any season where he was asked to work with a completely new offense with much less skill than what he gets to work with. Only Brady could have kept this season together like he has, and it is a shame that people roll over and give Manning credit for simply maintaining the status quo with his well oiled offense, but most people will probably not vote for Brady at all based on misperceptions about him struggling. It's his skill players and O-Line that are struggling. That is an issue that Manning will never face in his career.
  11. dhamz

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    Of course Brady will go. So will Seymour. Ty Warren is highly unlikely to go. As we all know if we are paying attention, the Pro Bowl is about name recognition and little else.

    A better question would be do they deserve to go?
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  12. Fanfrom1960

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    The ESPN boys, forget which one, plus Sean Salisbury were talking pro QBs this morning and fawning all over Tony Romo. They got hold of Parcells and asked him, finally, if Romo was the best in the NFL right now. Parcells said 'you'll have to ask Sean where Tom Brady fits in there', something like that. I think Parcells thinks Brady is the best. Maybe that's a consensus also among NFL coaches? Brady has gone to H-lulu on super bowl years and on non-SB years. I'd rather he go to the SB (as a player) by a googol (ten to the 100th power) to one, than go to the pro bowl. :D
  13. PromisedLand

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    You probably know this, but it wasn't obvious from your post so I'll say it: Tom Brady is not competing with Tony Romo for the Pro Bowl - the AFC and NFC squads are chosen separately.

    Now my point on the main question of the thread: to add to what everybody else has said, the Pro Bowl spots are heavily influenced by reputation, particularly in the fan voting. Many of the fans who vote don't follow the game all that closely and may not even realize that Brady is having a sub-par season (for him) statistically. This effect hurts EMERGING star players and helps ESTABLISHED stars. It hurt Brady in 2003, when he was still an emerging star (remember the voting closes before the playoffs, and at that point TB had only won one Super Bowl, and many still considered it to be a fluke win). It will help him this year, IMO.
  14. Fanfrom1960

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    Yes, of course, Romo is NFC and Brady AFC, but they were talking all around best QBs at that point, and one of them was talking up Romo, after, what 5 or 6 games for heaven's sake! Parcells then put in a vote for Brady.
  15. PatsFanSince74

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    Your question says "today," so that's how I'm answering it. Today, he's #10 in Pass Rating, #15 in completion %, #9 in INT's. On the plus side, he's #3 in TD's. So, he'd go in based on intangibles and leadership and that will play out over the next few weeks.
  16. Fanfrom1960

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    That's no lie, exception being Peyton always seems to make it. Maybe he thinks his Pro Bowl stats add on to his regular season stats? :p
  17. broadwayjoe

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    You have a good point I was watching the Indy-Tenn game and the announcers were saying how many people had been with Manning for all the years that he's been there I believe its 9 years and that included Offensive Coordinator,Mavin Harrison,Offensive lineman so that helps keep things consistent indeed.

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