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    ... for the rest of the season, you can't say this team is out of a game. A painful, tough to swallow loss, but for EVERYTHING that went wrong, this team persevered, fought, and clawed their way back into this thing.

    Do you think that Pittsburgh, or Denver, or even these Jets, would want to see this team in the first round of the playoffs? I'm sure Tennessee wouldn't want to open the divisional round with this team coming into LP Field.

    Four conference losses is tough to overcome, and you're looking at 5-1 down the stretch to have a real good shot at getting in, but remember:

    New York goes into Tennessee next week, and still goes out to Seattle and San Francisco (and this team lost to Oakland and got drilled by San Diego). This loss makes next week just about a must win (6-5 with 2-3 in the Div and 4-5 in the conference just cant cut it), but is the Pats CAN get it done in Miami, then they still have a very good shot to get in.

    It's all about getting in. Who scares you in the AFC? Who CAN'T this team beat? This is brutal... but it's not a death knell, not by a long shot...
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