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    Compare Brady's throwing angle from 2001 right up to now. I am no expert of course but I was sure he was short arming the ball all day yesterday...think Keith Foulke. It's what an athlete will do when he has a knee or shoulder problem to maximize speed by shortening the circumference of the throw.

    Just throwing it out there...I searched YouTube but those are not good enough to compare. Short arming the ball leads to greater inaccuracy tangentially as distance is increased.
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  2. zippo59

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    I was at the game but I was in a position where I couldn't see his throwing motion very clearly......but I could definitely see his inaccuracy. I know there are several people here who record the games and I'd be very interested to see is they notice anything.
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    Another person who was at the game posted last night saying it was clear the WRs weren't getting much seperation. This is the kind of thing that wouldn't be evident from watching a conventional TV broadcast.

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    One difference that Brady has to get used to is Gabriel is a big guy, and when he get's to a point he won't be pushed off of it.
    He has to trust Gabriel to fight for the ball.
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    He has no confidence in the Wide Out at all. Evidence in how is constantly going to Brown. He needs to start put it in there and giving them a chance. Yeah, his INT's will go up, but he has to put a stake in the ground and try to make something happen.

    I really think they need to dumb down the offense a bit. Go back to basic's and dink and dunk and with the no huddle. Brady needs to get his mind back straight. I think this is more mental than physical at this point.

    He showed he can move the chain against the Jets and even against the Bills. Not great teams, but he does have that sharpness we all have come to know...he just needs his mind to work out this blockage!
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    Amen. Brady has looked nothing more than average. I can't speculate on his mental outlook, but I imagine he will adjust. Most people get discombobulated when their microwave pizza takes too long. He has to learn how to throw to who he has to throw to. Keep in mind, he is still a young QB who has always had (generally) the same people to throw to. He is now experiencing his NFL learning curve, far later than most. Also keep in mind, the NFL is worjing it's ***** off trying to figure him out. Think of MLB: a pitcher someday had to evolve.

    Amen to Hammermill
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  7. Krazy Koz

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    I haven't seen anyone comment on this, but I saw Brady throw off his back foot and not being able to step into his throws much. I know with talk of how he could better his deep throws we have not seem much, but with Denver stopping the run and getting a good pass rush Brady may have not had the chance to step into his throws and make the adjustments we read about over the offseason.
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    Let's not forget guys that the WR"s are not use to this offense yet. There are a lot of plays that look like TB missed the play but infact the reveiver didn't run the route correctly. For instance the Caldwell play where lynch almost had an INT. If Caldwell would have finished the route, then the throw would have been on target. There are also a lot of plays where TB will throw the ball away when there is nothing downfield, and he knows these guys aren't going to get free so why wait and take a sack.

    I don't think there is anything wrong, but it's just my $.02

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