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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patfanken, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. patfanken

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    Nothing that earth shattering, important or even insightful, just some thoughts that make me go HMMMMMM.1

    1. I thought it odd that the Pats have 9 games this season that start at 1pm. This is a vast departure from recent years when they would routinely only have 2 or 3 one o'clock starts per season. I can only look on this as evidence of a national "Patriots fatigue"

    Face it guys, non-Pats fans are probably tired of constantly hearing about the Pats. Constantly seeing them in the spotlight. Constantly watching the Pats in the Sunday and Monday night national games, and 4pm starts. Its HAS to be annoying and frustrating to see the attention we get, and the high esteem in which the franchise is constantly held

    The only thing I can compare it to is how unpopular it was with the national audience when the Bills made it to the superbowl for the 4th consecutive time (a vastly under rated feat, btw). Nothing against the Bills, but people were just tire of seeing them in the Superbowl by that time.

    Also I can remember myself getting pissed constantly hearing he networks always building up the Cowboys Steelers, and Niners, back in the day, while ignoring my woe-begone Pats for most of the first 30 years of our existence.

    The good news for us is that "Patriots fatigue" means nine 1 pm starts, which is by far my favorite time to watch a Pats game. More convenient and less tiring

    2. The Brian Waters saga once again points out several dangers of the new reality of what passes for news gathering in today's "journalism". What I saw from the firestorm that erupted on Friday was what happens when a few unverified reports are then speculated on, and then finally commented on as if the reports are actually the reality.

    Too much importance seems to be taken on "getting the story first". and less about verifying what is actually going on. The end result is that within a couple of hours. We were listening to mediots telling us that the Pats had cut Brian Waters salary to the vet minimum and they were hard balling a respected All Pro G for a measly $500,000. None of which seems to be true. Not that it matters to some of the Mediots

    The thing that worries me the most is that there there seems to be no consequences for when its done poorly,like in this instance, and no obvious reward for anyone to do it right. The only thing that matters is generating clicks, tweets, or phone calls, and having someone use you as a source to document THEIR flawed story. Being accurate insightful and informative have become much lower priorities The new credo is "be first" and be controversial .....and it doesn't hurt to piss people off either, so being wrong can be a plus.

    Bedard and Riess are the good guys in all this and should be supported for "DOING THEIR JOB"....and Curran should get an honorable mention.

    3. When I watched Patriots all Access this week, something BB said I thought was worth repeating. Bill mentioned that the first game of the season is the hardest one for him to coach. He has very little information on the team they are playing and has yet to get a good feel about his own team\. When you think on it a bit, it really is true.

    4. Here are a list of things that disturb me going into this game.

    a. The Titans have a very good OL that has had a lot of continuity and experience playing together, We on the other hand, are playing with a DL with a new alignment, with a lot of new moving parts, and new techniques. I'm really looking forward to seeing our new DL, but its hard to be comfortable with that dynamic.

    b. The Titans have one of the premier RBs in the league, and easily the most dangerous one. He is a legitimate threat to go the distance every time he touches the ball. With a good OL this is the toughest running game test the Pats will face all year. and its coming at a time when we really don't know exactly how good we are going to be stopping the run....consistently.

    I'd be very happy to have CJ gain over 100 yards this game if we held him to just one rush of 15+ yds. Keeping him from breaking long runs will be key, and good tackling will be king. Fortunately we've been very good at far this preseason.

    c. The other 2 main offensive threats are their QB, and TE. Their TE runs a sub 4.5 forty and will pose a threat to our new safeties, and the QB's legs could be more difficult to defend than his arm.

    d. For that reason I wouldn't be surprised to see us in a 3-4 alignment more often than expected compared to what we;ve seen this preseason. The 3-4 historically has been a better alignment to stop the run, especially to keep a team from beating you wide.

    e. Conversely, as settled as the Titans OL is, that's how much in a state of flux our OL is right now. We literally have questions at every OL position. Will Solder be as effective at LT as he was at right. How far back has Mankins really come back from his major surgery. Who is going to play C and what can we expect.(Wendell or Connolly) Who is going to play RG and what can we expect (Connolly or Thomas). And what is the over/under on Volmer's first back spasm.

    f. Personally I think the overall talent is fine. My anxiety comes more from issues of certain player's health, their experience, and most importantly, a lack of playing time together. I really believe that the OL will become less of an issue as the season goes on, but for the
    first game, you can't ignore it.

    g. I never underestimate the power of the home field advantage. Its opening day. A state icon (Pat Summit) is to be honored to open the game. The crowd will be on fire to start the game. Its a dangerous situation for the Pats, and while they don't have to start hot, they can't afford to start badly.

    5. Here is a list of things that I'm really looking forward to seeing.

    a. Our running game. I'm looking for the 1-2-2 formation to open up our run game, and I expect it to be at least as effective as the Titan Run game

    b. Our passing game usually eats up teams that primarily use a Tampa -2 zone, and the Titans primary pass D is the Tampa 2 zone. However since I'm aware of this, so are the Titans, and I will be interested to see how much man, and 5 man underneath tight zones defenses the Titans use. You'd expect them to do things that clog up the underneath and middle zones.

    It will give us a good idea as to what other teams will be looking to do to us, scheme wise, to try and slow down our rather unique passing offense. Personally I think they are going to dare us to run the ball, and stay in nickel coverages on every down until we force them out of it.

    c. I think our pass rush will be more dynamic this year. Not just because of the additional talent we added, but because I think as BB gets more comfortable with the improvements he's made in the secondary, we will see some more overload, and zone blitzing schemes that we haven't seen since the mid 2000's

    that also included seeing position changes like seeing Cunningham and Jones rushing from the middle as well as from the edge.

    d. The first time we come out into a fast paced no-huddle, we will finally see some rhythm back in the offense. I wouldn't be surprised to see us come out in it early in an attempt to quite the crowd.

    e. I expect to see the secondary do a good job. Tennessee won't be the most difficult threat they will see by far, so I fully hope to see the secondary playing aggressively and contesting every pass

    6. The replacement refs that did the Giants game were every bit as good as we've come to expect from the regular refs. However those were likely the best of the bunch to be used in the league's showcase opening game. We might not be as lucky with our group. So I fully expect to see 3 or 4 calls that are going to piss us off royally, but is that really much different from what we usually get from the regular refs?

    The one thing that I worry about is that we lose an advantage we usually have in a game. BB scouts refs as assiduously as he does opponents, and prepares his teams on what to expect from each group. I'm sure every team does it to some degree, but I doubt most teams do it as thoroughly, and coaches his team as well in using the info to their advantage. We can't do that now.

    Hopefully they will resolve this soon. The issues seem to be too small on both sides for this to keep on going too much longer.

    7. There are people on this board that I constantly learn from. There are others that annoy the hell out of me. But be honest folks. If you had to choose one poster to watch a game and have a beer with, wouldn't that guy HAVE to be OTG.

    It terms of passion, knowledge and being a true original, there is no one even close. For shear entertainment purposes alone, he should be drawing a salary to post here. He is a one of a kind CHARACTER,who elevates the board and everyone on it.

    And as we get set to open the season, I tip my cap to you.
  2. Frezo

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    I'd watch a game with Gwedd. He and I both like Bourbon. :eat3:
  3. Gumby

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    Gotta agree wholeheartedly about OTG he is a trip and highly amusing. (Find it hard to believe he said something about being thrown off or leaving another board due to being not appreciated/disparaged. Another accolade to Ian that such diversity finds a WELCOME home here.

    And I tip my cap to you PFK,

    With a slight modification to your post (and puctuation correction ;) ) 'If you had to choose one poster's post to read before and after the game, wouldn't that guy HAVE to be PFK?'

    Always insightful and entertaining; even if some might say long-winded - I find the long posts filled with not a single personal disparagement of another poster and detailed football thought an excellent change of pace and a can't pass up proposition.

    Amen, brother on the 1 pms. Being in Germany (+6 hours) I look forward to seeing some games BEFORE bedtime this year.

    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

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    I predict CJ doesn't have 100 yards or close to it. BB's gonna gameplan around him and make Locker beat us. So if Locker is half decent (I've personally never watched him) he will probably put up pretty good #'s and look better than he really is, which I'm sure will drive the doomsday posters nuts in the game thread, but in the end they'll score 17-20 max if that.
  5. naF staP

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    I'm West Coast so all I have to do is wake up and the game is on!
  6. PatsGirl2011

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    I can only wonder if the Pats WON the SB that they would've had more an additional prime time game and more 4 0'clock start. The same thing happened to the Pats in terms of the scheduling when they lost in 08. "Patriot fatigue" may be the media itself that is looking to move on from Brady/Bellichick. The Pats are seen as boring, and the networks want to cover more of Tebow/Manning/Rodgers/Saints hysteria. IMO.

    As for today, the first quarter is going to be the game. If the Pats let the Titans really believe they can hang around or get a lead, it will be tough game for them to win. Its amazing. The Pats and Steelers really the only playoff teams from last year that has to start on the road.
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  7. Gwedd

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    Same to you, brother! I have a fresh bottle of Ezra Brooks waiting to be cracked open tomorrow afternoon. I'll tip a glass to your honor, and to all the good folks on this board. :rocker:
  8. Gwedd

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    PFK: Thanks for another fine post. I'd respond to a couple things, but I'm so darned tired right now that just typing this is frustrating. I think I'm hitting that Exhaustion Euphoria level.

    So....... time to say thanks! And then to sign off and hit the hay.

    I'll prolly wake up at 5am though, and not be able to get back to sleep in my anticipation for this game. Sigh....... I'm such a homer. :cool:

    G'night all!
  9. Silver Blue&Red

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    The only thing I dont like about the 1:00 games is I have to stream most of them. But "It is what it is". :rolleyes:
  10. Frezo

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    I'll hoist a glass of Eagle Rare at ya as soon as the opening ball is kicked.

    "To err is human, but if you really screw up, just add bourbon."
  11. RelocatedPatFan

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    I would expectthis to be more the norm (having 9 1pm games). Though whatever the cause, I am grateful because I lose rythm watching the 4pm games as i eat dinner with the family and the kids get more ancy.
    This may be ridiculous, but I'm going to pull a quote from a kids movie that sums up possible thoughts on journalists as critics. Ratatouille.

    BB can never have enough qualified information. However, I would also think the teams have little on us as well. Thhat has to be our advantage as well.
  12. TheBostonStraggler

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    Considering last year's expectations for the Pats' secondary too often equaled 'just please somehow find a way to win', it would be a great thing to see them perform well out of the gate.
  13. DarrylS

    DarrylS Supporter Supporter

    Nice post PFK... I like the 1:00 PM games, as that fits my schedule best.. those late night games often cause insomnia, one time my inability to sleep after one triggered a health condition.. but, that would never stop me from watching it.

    My thoughts primarily have to do with the D, has the reloading effort done enough to make this area more effective than in the past?? What will be the impact of having a full time Defensive Coordinator?? And of course can our D backfield stay healthy enough for a full season, last year we thought we were all set.. then injuries happened.
  14. bagwell368

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    "Light this candle!" - The Right Stuff

    It's got to be about 200 days since the last game. The FA period, the draft, camp - all good ways to pass the time. But time to see "it is what it is".

    The only shadow is TB's time left as an elite QB - it's less than 60 games, just not sure how many less.
  15. goheels22002

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    A comment on the early start times: For one, I was delighted to see that more than half of the games were in the same time slot, especially the 1 p.m. slot. The Patriots also have three 4:00 p.m. starts meaning that all but 4 games are in a similar time frame for game prep and recovery purposes by the team and by us.

    By the time the weekend rolls around, I just want the damn game to begin.

    As a commuter, I hate Sunday night starts - they make Mondays much harder, especially after a great game when I stay up to soak in the pressers and the replays and run a few things back on the DVR to see what really happened.

    I do not know if there was an intentional decision by the networks or the NFL, but allowing the Pats to prepare for a more routine schedule of games may have been something Belichick and the Krafts suggested. The Pats have been a marketing stalking horse for the league and the networks for a decade and suffered by having a chaotic schedule as a result.

    The other thing I suspect is that when a team agrees to the Europe game, it gets a mid-season bye and possibly a more routine schedule to make up for the disruption of that one game that is just completely off the charts for the players and coaches logistics-wise. Anybody who travels for a living understands what crossing five time zones means physically.
  16. SEA_Pat

    SEA_Pat Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Whatever it is, it works for me! That means most games where I live are between Midnight and 3 AM, at least until Daylight Savings Time kicks in.

    That beats the hell out of having to try to get to bed early and wake up at 3 or 4 AM or missing the game because it's on during working hours. Love it.
  17. Patriot to the Core

    Patriot to the Core Practice Squad Player

    Just bought game pass so no messing around with internet streams this season! So glad we have some 1pm games this season so I have something to look forward to at 6pm!!
  18. kurtinelson

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    Good post as always Ken. You're one of the MVPs of this message board IMO.

    I expect a close game today. I can see Locker scrambling for a few key 3rd down conversions. I'm pumped about the defense and I think they'll be ready to play. I think a turnover or two in our favor will seal the victory for us. I don't expect our offense to firing on all cylinders yet.

    Pats 17
    Titans 13
  19. wistahpatsfan

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    League is just assuming Pats will get another three games after the reg season so they've decided it isn't fair for all the other losers.

    I'd have a cold one with Patjew if I had to pick. Cracks me up.
  20. shmessy

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    As always, awesome stuff, Ken. This DID get me through to 1pm.

    I can only say the front 7 passed this test WITH HONORS!
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