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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patfanken, Nov 20, 2010.

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  1. patfanken

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    1. Today I saw a highlight of Troy Palomalu trying to rip Tom Brady's head off while he was lying over the GL....AFTER the whistle blew. Yet aside from a nasty comment from Logan Mankins, it was largely ignored.

    Peyton Manning can get a 15 yd penalty for someone brushing his helmet. Hines Ward can have Chris Collingsworth calling for a penalty on the Hines Ward helmet shot...THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN! Ward calling for a fine on the hit that sidelined him.

    Where is the outrage. Why isn't anyone fired up about that. I know its not the Patriot's style to complain, but what about someone in the 'so called' muckraking media? How come it doesn't even rate a casual comment? Call it hypocrisy. Call it inconsistency. Call it whatever you like, but the selective enforcement of these plays just pisses ME off.

    Just for the record, prior to this litigious season, what Palomalu did to Brady, wouldn't have raised an eyebrow from me. I did that an a lot worse when I played defense, and until this year it would have been considered part of the game. But when the league over reacted to the rash of concussions, it created a whole new reality of the game. A reality that I'm going to have to get used to. Fine. I'm trying.

    2. But while I'm all for the attempt to eliminate concussions from the game. Penalizing inadvertent touching of the QBs helmet. or any kind of contact to the face by the helmet (Myron Pryor example) is not the answer.

    Better helmet construction. Better tackling techniques. reducing the number of time people tackle with their heads down. Actually using ones arms to tackle someone. The strict ENFORCING the elimination of the use of the CROWN of the helmet in tackling. All of these would be better solutions to the concussion issue than the inconsistent arbitrary calling of penalties that I've seen thus far.

    3. Oh well, since I'm in the b!tching and whining mode, I'm getting sick and tired of hearing about all the Colt injuries. It looks now like Collie is going to play, and wouldn't anyone here be shocked to see Adai and a few of the other Colt questionables line up for Sunday's game.

    When is there going to be a media puke who is going to wonder how can the Pats manage to a 7-2 record DESPITE going with their 3rd string RB. How can they manage one of the better passing attacks in the league when they lost their deep threat, and 2 of the main cogs (Woodhead and Branch) weren't with the team until after the season started. Plus Welker being just 85% just doesn't seem to matter.

    So when Manning lines up his offense, exactly just who is going to be missing. It could very well be ONLYy Dallas Clark. Yet the the entire media mega machine is ready to create this MYTH that the Colts are managing DESPITE being "decimated" by injuries, and should the Colts beat the Pats, elevate Manning to even a higher level of football godhood

    While for Tom Brady, playing with other peoples cast offs rookies and first year players, he will be painted as "business as usual" for the talented Patriots.


    Disclaimer. I do understand and acknowledge that the Colts have been hit with more than the usual array of injuries this season. But no more than the Pats have had to deal with for most of this decade, without the incessant keening and whining from the Indy media, National media, and good old ESPN.

    4. Listening to Felger and Mazz yesterday at work. They brought out a point that I'm sure everyone has heard all this week over and over again. The point being that in the first half of the decade the Pats owned the Colts, or rather BB owned Manning. While in the 2nd half, the roles have been reversed, and now its Manning who owns BB.

    This is all well and good, and the facts are indisputable. What drove me nuts, are the reasons why this reversal has occurred. Most of it was laid at the foot of the talent gap between the 2 teams/. But they never mentioned the ultimate reason for the shift in power. And I haven't heard it once this week.

    THE COLTS CHANGED THE RULES OF THE GAME in 2005 to fit their offense, their venue, and their organization. THAT was the critical event that shifted the balance of power between the 2 teams. Also the fact that MOST of the games played between the 2 teams since 2005 have been played IN Indy, where as it seemed most of the games prior to that (IIRC) were played in Foxboro.

    So yes, our D did drop off in the years 2005-2009, but the MAJOR reasons for Peyton's recent success has been Polian's rules and the home field advantage. Well at least that's my opinion....and I'm sticking to it. ;)

    5. Kind of interesting how little Hernandez played in the Steeler game. You'd think that in a game where passing was going to be the major aspect of the offense, he'd be one of the key targets. I heard one person opine that BB was teaching a lesson of humility to a young kid who might have been getting too full of himself. I wouldn't put it past him.

    6. In the past the Colts effectively played their defense to the Pats formations. On passing downs they good decent pressure just rushing 4 and pass protecting with 7. Just having Mathis and Freeney coming at you quickens a QBs release, even when the blocking is effective. The QB clock ticks a bit faster when you play the Colts. Also they play a very disciplined cover 2 with very fast LBs who have been successful covering our RBs and TE.

    On Running downs when we used 2 TEs, their Safeties would play close to the line mitigating the extra blockers. So it rarely seemed like were would run the ball effectively against the Colts even though it would seem like an advantage.

    7. But this is a new era for the Pats. Its the TE era, and it poses a lot of problems for the Colts. First I think we will line up in some kind or 2 TE formation for the majority of our plays. First it mitigates the speed of the Colt offense with the threat of pure power. Second, and this is the new part, we now can quickly threaten the weakest part of the Colt D (the safeties) with our TEs which will keep them from cheating on the running game.

    2 TE's force the DE's out 2 more steps and make their pass rush 2 steps slower just by alignment, or you force one of their mini OLBs to take one our excellent blocking TEs one on one, and thats a miss match.

    I REALLY hope that Bill Obrien has filled this week's game plan with a lot of Play action Passes (PAP's). I do not want to see Brady line up on a 3rd and 3 or 4 in an empty backfield. I want to see a run threat in the backfield that the Colts HAVE to consider, EVERY 3rd down and less than 5. I won't second guess what they will do on the play, JUST don't give the defense that free ride of not having to defense a running play in situations where a run SHOULD be a threat. We do that too often these days!

    8. Other things I'd like to see this week on offense
    a. an occasional bootleg action for Brady. This is a good play to make sure the DE's stay wide on their rushes. Its a key breaker for defenses. You only have do it about 2 times a game, but the effects will linger a lot longer, regardless of the success of the play.
    b. I think teams have caught up to the quick lateral pass to the outside that the Pats have used so effectively the last 3 years. What I'd like to see is the complimentary play that comes off that look. Like a fake of that play, and when the CB reacts, do a double move and run past him with the QB hitting the receiver in the empty zone in front of the deep S that will be rotating over

    9. Unless he's 110% healthy, I'd hold Fred Taylor out 'til the Detroit game for the obvious reasons.

    10. I'm a Steelers fan this week. I'm hoping the sexual predator has a big game.

    11. I have to admit I was surprised by the Steeler result (and VERY happy). But that doesn't change what I said last week. This was a game we HAVE to win....for a lot of reasons that I really shouldn't have to point out. That means the blue print has to followed. We need the pink hats to bring their hard hats and make the Razor a really uncomfortable place to play for a visiting team. I DO NOT want to see any red from those club seats, even if it is cold. THIS week its important for the fans to be part of the victory.

    If we follow the "blueprint", I can easily see this being a win of more than 7.
  2. Sciz

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    Don't worry. I've informed plenty of Steelers fans their their "star" safety is a PoS both between the whistles and afterward. I think he was just getting frustrated with how useless our offense was making him.


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    I am more hoping that Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson team up as the modern version of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice this week than I am worrying about the Rapist and Thugs in Pittsburgh
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  4. SuperPatsFan

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    Patfanken, I'm gonna go ahead and give this thread 5 stars.

    Nice job. :cool:
  5. 363839

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    Thank you for another great Column, Patsfanken.
    Interesting tidbit on Hernandez, too. Thanks.
  6. doesntmatter1

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    Love the idle thoughts as always Patfanken and i would like to touch on the illegal blow to the head of a qb penalty. This is the most garbage penalty EVER. You can just tap the helmet and its a penalty. If the helmets were so fragile i wonder why Brady use to headbutt daniel graham before every game. I guess Brady is just more badass than i thought.

    Also, the best thing that happened for our offense was basically abandoning the run. After nonstop playactions(brady's damn good at selling it), the occasional run sprinkled in was successful because the linebackers weren't so aggressive after being fooled by pa the WHOLE GAME. I hope we take this approach more often, maybe not this week because the colts are undersized but against every other physical and aggressive team.

    Lastly, i think that was obrien's best gameplan to date. Even in the blowout victories obrien was so much more predictable than mcdaniels and weis but that steeler game was hopefully a look at what future games will look like. p.s. add i little more creativity to our run game. More misdirection, reverses, sweeps and pitches for woody, etc.
  7. PatsWickedPissah

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    Muffy will be wearing her furs
  8. RussFrancis

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    Great read, ken. That was rock solid. Now Im ready.
  9. aluminum seats

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    You seem to be a bit angry the past couple weeks, my friend. Remember, things are going pretty well!
  10. Gwedd

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    Excellent stuff as usual. I was also steamed about the head twisting on Brady's touchdown run after reading Light's comments. Apparently the Steelers were doing LOTS of these sorts of things on the bottom of piles. Like as not, they were trying to get a big reaction from some of the Patriots players that would lead to a penalty and loss of yards. It wouldn't at all surprise me to see them trying that sort of stuff since they couldn't seem to stop New England any other way.

    I absolutely agree with your assertion via-a-vis Polian and getting the rules changed. NO owner should EVER be a sitting member of the rules/competition committee. Regardless of their reputation, that group should be free from any sort of conflict of interest, not even the appearance. Let the committee be formed from folks not directly connected to any of the teams, or to the NFL.

    I'm looking for a GREAT game today, and a reversal of Indy's winning trend(s) against us.

  11. convertedpatsfan

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    I can't believe Lawfirm got fined and Polamalu didn't. If he tried that on Manning, it would have been 15 yards, an ejection, and a big fine. If brushing a QB's helmet accidentally is 15 yards, intentionally grabbing their head and yanking on it is...nothing?

    I think the two-TE sets will give Indy a lot of problems and hope Hernandez and Gronk have huge games for us.
  12. Patjew

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    I don't think any rules were actually changed. They were just emphasized. And that was between the 2003 and 2004 seasons, and obviously the Pats beat the Colts in the playoffs in 2004 so we can't chalk up the subsequent losses to these "changes" so easily. I'm sorry, this sounds like excuse making to me.
  13. PatriotsInGA

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    I'm seeing Hernandez having a huge game. After a very minor role in Pittsburgh, Jim "Mr. Excitment" Caldwell might have forgot about him :D.

    Also, Caldwell does seem kind of bored on the sidelines does he not?
  14. DaBruinz

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    Patjew - Actually, no. There were rule changes. Both in how the plays were called (the addition of the illegal contact rule). There have also been changes to protection of the QBs, which started with Manning and continued with Palmer.

    Also, there has been extensive proof that Manning and the Colts have had the benefit of some of the most egregious penalty calling in league history. How Hobbs was called for "Face guarding" (a rule that no longer existed) and Kelvin Hayden wasn't called for mauling Reche Caldwell in the endzone is still mind-boggling. Then there was the BS PI call last year on Butler when he was going for the interception and Collie hit him before the ball got there.. And Butler was called for the PI..

    Hell, there was a span of like 6 games last year where the Colts were the beneficiaries of a bogus PI call and it changed the course of the game. And it was sad because I told my future B-I-L that it would happen prior to each game and it did.. He was totally surprised.. I wasn't..
  15. Box_O_Rocks

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    Beyond mistaking Polian for Indy's owner (he's President/GM), the argument concerning the Competition Committee is a difficult one. I agree a conflict of interest exists, but I can't think of any "neutral" participants who would have the knowledge and interest for the job. Even retired NFL people have their loyalties. As much as it pains me in the wake of the Polian rules change, having NFL people making NFL decisions makes the most sense.

    It seems clear in hindsight that the Committee was looking for a way to cool NE's jets, it is what it is, and realistically, it failed. NE still was competitive in 2005 despite the huge disruption in the middle of the defense, came within a nose hair of the 2006 SB, made it in 2007, and by league standards had good years in 2008 and 2009. I also suspect some of the other owners and GMs around the NFL expressed some quiet displeasure behind the scenes at the blatant misuse of this committee's purpose because they seem to have pulled back on some of their more flagrant behaviors.
  16. DEVIOUS 1

    DEVIOUS 1 Practice Squad Player

    Seriously though, this is not just sour grapes. If you watch any Colts game, if they are behind a score or two. U can set your watch to a ticky tack PI call that will, at the very least, change the momentum of the game.

    It happens so often, I just consider it a part of their offense.

    There is a thread in here asking if anybody is nervous about this game. I'm nervous about the officiating. They do just as much work as Manning at keeping the Colts in the game.

    You can call me paranoid if you want, but I've seen it happen with to much frequency to ignore it. Peyton is the NFL's golden child. It's in the leagues best interest to keep him relevent.
  17. Gwedd

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    Polian: Yes.... my error. Posting without proofreading, etc. Sigh. :bricks:

    Hows about retired referees? Retired coaches?

    There has to be some sort of way to expand the pool of available folks for those committees.

  18. abdul7

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    Great post Ken. Really enjoyed all your points and I agree 100% on all of them. However my friend you forgot just one , we DID make it on 4th and 2 by my man Kevin. The only reason we lost was because we didn't have any challenges left. I still shake my head at the ref. who gave the decision ! Revenge today and I hope we can crush them. No prisoners !!!
  19. Gwedd

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    Yes... it's the "Holy Trinity" of the NFL: Archie, Peyton and Eli.
  20. Box_O_Rocks

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    I'd like to see them have more input, but I still would wonder where their loyalty lies - look at Mariuchi out Maddening John for a taste of Brett Favre's buttocks - the loyalties of someone like Polian can at least be recognized and understood by the people his rules are affecting and they have their own power to respond.
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