I'd like to say thanks and congratulations....

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    To the New England Patriots for a great and memorable "run" as champions, and for bringing a legendary DYNASTY to New England......and it ain't over yet!! We will be there again next year.......

    Considering all the injuries, and playing the toughest schedule in the history of the NFL (as reported several times on ESPN anyways), I am very happy for what this team was able to accomplish this year...and take us into the playoffs once again, and to win the AFC EAST title again as well.

    Now, on to the 2006 draft....and preparing for next year.........GO PATS!!!!!!!!
  2. BelichickFan

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    It doesn't have to be over. 2001 counts as part of "the run" and 2006 will too if we can win. The ThreePeat is gone but the chance for 4 out of 6 remains.
  3. BelichickFan

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    They're talking about the run from Week 2 to Week 7 or so, it was a .500 schedule overall.
  4. mgteich

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    For me, the dynasty, the run, is Belichick's run. Three Super Bowls and a four playoffs in six years, 10-1 in the playoffs. The decade has four more years to run. The Patriots are one of the great dynasties of all time, with the 2003-2004 team one of the best for a single season. Whether we're the very best dynasty still depends on the next four years (at least for most fo us).

    It is somewhat to be beaten by a team whose last playoff win was by John Elwqy, but beat us they did!


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