Ice Cube = Gabe Kotter?????

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MosiT, May 4, 2008.

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    First, let me say that there is nothing racially biased, or bigoted in my comments. They merely are that of disbelief.

    I just read that a new "Welcome Back Kotter" feature film is on the drawing board and the part of Gabe Kotter is to be played by Ice Cube.

    Come on, replacing Gabe Kaplan,a Jewish actor playing the part of a Jewish teacher with an African American actor....please, give me a break.

    Did anyone see the recent movie, "The Honeymooners?"

    You know the story about Ralph and Alice Kramden, a couple of WASPS from New York and the movie version with Cedrick the Entertainer as Ralph and Gabrielle Union as Alice.

    Somehow, something was lost in the transition.

    Who will play Vinnie Barbarino in the movie, you know, the part played by John Travolta?

    Maybe Jackie Chan could do a good job?

    What's next, a new movie enttiled "Bonanza" with Denzel Washington as Ben Cartwright?

    No wonder most of these new moves are flops.

    People remember the originals. They were successful. At least they could keep the movie versions in line with the original tv versions, at least in what the characters look like.

    The Flintstones was a cartoon but at least in the movie versions they had actors that resembled the characters that we all know, and love.

    Why change what worked in the past?

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