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    Ian, hope the stoppage didn't give you a complete heart attack, and wanted to thank you at this time of stress for all you do, today in extraordinary circumstances, and all the other days when life treats you with better timing.

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    Record 6000+ active simultaneous users was definitely unforseen, more than double than what I forecasted for last year as the site continues to grow. The database is huge so that many users pushes the envelope, so the server company has been monitoring it and will continue to monitor it until 11pm. They'll be online with us tomorrow as well, so any interruptions will only last for a minute or two.

    It's been in duscussion for a while in regards to what we'd do if we outgrew this one, although this was for next year but it appears that it may need to be done sooner. There is a plan in place to address it, so I'll let everyone know when the time comes.

    Otherwise an "appreciation thread" is unnecessary. It's been a long and irritating night, and I understand the aggravation many people here feel after dealing with this today and I don't think too many people should feel the need to "appreciate" me for seeing DB errors every three minutes. So there's no need to respond to this thread, and I'll be locking it.

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