I Thought Pro Players Wanted Escalades ...

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    ... well, it looks like they're getting Ferraris and Maseratis instead.

    New England's only F & M dealership is moving soon from West Newton to Foxboro.

    Interesting reason:
    "He said the New England Patriots organization's plans to build a vast mixed-use commercial complex
    at Gillette Stadium was a factor in the decision to move the Ferrari and Maserati dealership to Route 1 in Foxboro."

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    Interesting....I have gone by that place many a time...to my ex-Nissan dealer now moved..in West Newton...Always wondered how many went there..but didn't realize it was the ONLY in the area....does it make sense to be in Foxboro??? I really doubt the Pats really have much with that..Rt 1 and the Auto-Mile and all the dealerships there may play more a role...VERY interesting!!
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    Wasn't there recent talk of Mr. Kraft attempting to build up the area around Gillette to be sort a male-paradise complete with a Home Depot, auto dealers, and anything and everything else? Maybe he made them a lucrative (not that they really need it) offer?

    I was at the stadium last week (Revs game, fun but not at all the same), and I didn't see anything new from when I was there last season for a Pats game
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    When I was there for my tour in April Jonathan Kraft said they were building a shopping complex around the stadium to bring in some additional revenue- especially from tailgaters that do not actually watch the game from inside the stadium.

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