I think the AFC East division becomes MUCH tougher with other 3 teams FA pickups

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    I still think the Patriots are going to be very much expected to win the AFC East again but with the changing of the FO in Miami,The reloaded defensive front 7 in Buffalo and a potential near all-pro Offensive Line with New York, its going to take very late in the season for NE to wrap this division up.

    Of course this is still very early in FA and the draft is 7 weeks away but as of now I think the other 3 teams have taken a solid step upward to become a challenge to the Patriots but Miami is probably still 2 years away from being a serious threat in the division and the Jets are several defensive playmakers away.

    The Jets weakness appears to be in several areas of defense but I can see whoever is the QB should have a decent year and should have plenty of time to find open receivers with the very solid O line the team apparently has,Unfortunately they will probably have to put 25 points or more every game to win often and stay competitive in the division.

    Dick Jauron took a Buffalo team decimated with injuries to 40% of thier starters and with many JAGs playing in thier place the team was probably the hardest working group to overcome it all and get what appeared to be a 2-14 team up to .500 by the end of the season,This team definately did the utmost possible of what they could do with the players they had and with the superb first days in FA and bolstering the weak defensive front with quality players and with Edwards who may be the next good QB,I think Buffalo may be the most dangerous team and a load to beat in the division this year and I think they have a legit shot to win it but in the end NE takes the East very late,possibly not decided till week 15

    So since theres not really any players out there that would make a drastic difference to any of the 4 teams and the draft is not as strong as in the past few year,I say the division goes something like this....

    New England 12-4
    Buffalo 10-6
    NY Jets 9-7
    Miami 6-10
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  2. LoganMankinsPancakeBlocks

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    Tom Brady. Trent Edwards. Chad Pennington/Kellen Clemens. John Beck.

    'nuff said.


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    Have you seen enough of Trent Edwards or John Beck to inidcate that they suck so bad?

    Trent played sporadically and Beck came in late

    Too early to judge those guys IMO but Edwards did have some brief bright spots during 2007
  4. mangenious

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    I think Edwards has potential to be a solid QB. not a game changer but a guy who could move the offense and not make dumb mistakes
  5. TruthSeeker

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    I think the Jets have regressed with their free agent signings. It's all about getting cost effective players; the Jets signings have indicated that cost effectiveness is not their philosophy.

    Of course, this looks at the situation over a span of years (there are a number of examples of teams mortgaging the future for the hope of today and it sometimes works out), but the bottom line is that none of the other 3 AFC East teams are going to match the Patriots next year; their best hope is in 2009. There's a lot of time between now and then and a lot of potential for change.
  6. mangenious

    mangenious Banned

    :confused:But their talent level for this season will be way better then last years team, how is that regressing?
  7. upstater1

    upstater1 Pro Bowl Player

    I watched Edwards play 8 games.

    He's NOT the answer in Buffalo.

    No arm on the kid.
  8. upstater1

    upstater1 Pro Bowl Player

    It's exactly the opposite. The kid made horrible mistakes at the worst possible moment.

    I'll grant you however that he was just a rookie, but I saw him blowing ballgames by throwing unnecessary picks with the lead!
  9. LoganMankinsPancakeBlocks

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    I saw plenty of him as well and I'm with you, not high on him. I think the kid is destined to be a solid backup QB and that he got overrated due to playing a weak schedule and doing nothing more than manage the game vs. crappy teams.

    I can't get over how much he was being talked up during that MNF game vs. Dallas because his team was in the game at the time. Couldn't they see he was the main reason they lost the game and that the rest of the team played phenominally that game? I guess not, but I definitely saw it.

    Until these teams get a real quarterback or until we no longer have Tom Brady, they aren't a real threat to us.
  10. bostonia3333

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    Pats will go 8-0 in the division rather easily. The AFC East has no qbs that can challenge the Pats. Gotta have a qb that can throw 35+ times with confidence. Dinking and dunking is a recipe for disaster against the Pats. Don't worry about the AFC EAST.

    I'm worried that we're not as good as Indy anymore. I will be really really sick if Indy wins the SB next year. Looks like they are the team to beat now with all the decimation we've had on defense. Can you imagine a Manning-Manning-Manning SB winner? That CANNOT happen at all costs. Just gotta hope Peyton has an off year or we get lucky and someone like SD or JAX knock em off.
  11. scout

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    Chad Pennington, noodle arm right? Most everyone on this board disrespects this guy, but all he ever does is give us fits. We knock the Jets starter out after two plays and all Noodle arm does is almost score a victory. Remember stopping him late in the game. If it wasn't for some dumb coaching (taking Chad out for the guy who can't throw) the Pats might have lost that game.
    Now the Jets have one of the best left guards in the league to go along with that line. I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss that team.
  12. LoganMankinsPancakeBlocks

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    I respect the hell out of the guy, he's got the heart of a lion, but he's just a very mediocre QB and he doesn't have an NFL arm.

    The AFC East is improving, but aside from the Patriots, it's still awful because none of these teams have QB's that would rank in the top 15 (which isn't exactly asking a ton, considering the NFL isn't loaded with superstar QB's at the moment). Barring a Brady injury (knock on wood), the Patriots run away with the division yet again.
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  13. DropKick Flutie

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    Edwards had 2 4th quarter INT... only one cost us the game. And his arm is better than people think. He can't throw it through a brick wall like Losman, but Edwards is much more accurate and hits his receivers in stride. He was a rookie last year and the coaches turned him into a check down QB. The new OC in Buffalo will change that.

    You're right, he was bad against Dallas. The announcers always talk up a rookie QB who had a few good games, so that's not a surprise.

    From what little I saw of Beck, I wasn't impressed. The Dolphins don't scare me at all. The Jets QB situation is laughable... Chad is hanging on by a thread, and Clemens needs time to develop. A great O-Line will help, but he still needs time to get seasoned, so the Jets will be spinning their wheels until they finally cut ties with Pennington.
  14. You've got to be kidding me. Don't buy into the Redskins award for free agency. Dolphins and Jets overpayed, will still suck and they will pay the price in the near future.
  15. dhamz

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    Almost scored a victory? They trailed by a TD or more the entire second half. How is that almost scoring a victory?
  16. Exactly. He did well at the beginning/middle of the season, but not at the end when the weather turned bad. He's just going to have to learn to play in weather.

    I appreciate the optimistic view of the Bills of the OP. Although I'm pretty sure Buffalo didn't lose 40% of their starters (I'd have to look back at it, but a decent amount of the injuries were to rotational or backups).
  17. Hahahahaha. 8-0 in the division? How is that possible when you only play 6 divisional games? Nice try. Oh, and did I point out that this past season was one of the only times the Pats have gone 6-0 in the division?

    Dinking and dunking is what Tom Brady made his name on before Randy Moss. Don't knock it unless you're willing to knock that "great QB" you guys worship.
  18. betterthanthealternative

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    Playing with you guys is so boring, we've scheduled two games against ourselves.
  19. Afterlifemobile-86

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    Nice try, i think his 3 superbowl rings speak for themselves...let me guess are you're one of those guys at a party who will debate how "overrated" Tom Brady is right? Haha yeah ok.....have a nice day...:bricks:
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  20. Ummm....ok? Or maybe math just wasn't the other poster's strong point?

    I'm just saying people shouldn't insult a QB until they're out of their rookie season. Also people should do things such as bust Favre for having good YAC receivers when Brady has his own corps of those. It's just amusing how hypocritical people can be on here when they want to insult a non-NE player.

    Brady is an excellent QB. I have my own opinion of him as far as comparing him to other QB's, but there's no doubt he's an excellent QB in the NFL. It's just amusing how much people bow to him around here. Surely you must realize that the fans here aren't exactly objective, probably including yourself. You have a nice day too.
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