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I need help/opinions this week!

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by PatriotsNorth, Sep 26, 2010.

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    I thought I had a strong draft, but I'm 0-2 after my opponents each had dream/fluke weeks against me.

    I need a win this week...it's critical. My lineup is set but I can't decide on my flex or my TE.

    Here are my starters:

    Romo @ Texans

    Peterson vs. Lions
    Forte vs. Packers

    Colston vs. Falcons
    Sims-Walker vs. Eagles

    Akers @ Jaguars

    Dolphins vs. Rats

    Now...for my decisions.

    At TE, my choice is the Raiders' Z. Miller @ Cardinals, or the Jags' M. Lewis vs. Eagles.

    My real debate is at Flex, where I'm debating between L. Tomlinson @ Dolphins, or P. Harvin vs. Lions.

    Harvin has screwed me as a starter the first 2 weeks, but I like the matchup vs. the Lions and he's due to breakout, isn't he? Health is obviously a concern as well. LT has looked good, but I always hate starting someone that's playing against my starting D.

    Your thoughts on these 2 decisions? This is not a PPR league, it's straight 1pt-10yds rush/rec and 6 pts TD.

    Thanks in advance for your input...much appreciated!!!
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