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    Exciting game, Patriots came up one play short. I think if Welker makes that catch with about 4 minutes left the Patriots win this game. But then again there are probably a lot of plays you can look at an think if something different had happened maybe the game goes the other way. The pick, the saftey, or if the Pats get one of those two fumbles that the Giants had. The Giants have the Patriots number, two SB wins and a regular season win over them since 2007. Eli Manning is going to the Hall of Fame with this win. Five years ago I thought of Eli as a subpar QB, now he is going to be a hall of fame QB.

    In the end, the loss is a disappointment, but that is how it goes. Since I have been a Patriots fan going back to 1993 I have watched this team play in 6 Super Bowls and win 3 of them. I would have to sit and count how many times they have won the AFC East during those years. They have not had a losing record since 2000. I don't know if this is the end of the era for BB and TB, but if it was then it was one hell of a ride. If not, they might have one more run in them. Either way I love this team and will always appreciate how great they have been. Losing this game does not change that.
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