I just met someone on who was at the inauguration

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by TheGodInAGreyHoodie, Jan 21, 2009.

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    I just met someone who was there. An older lady. She was in the diner where I went to get lunch.

    I am not going to recount everything about what she said about a trip that began at midnight and ended the next morning at 2:30. But I will mention the relevant fact that if she sit for very long her arthritis causes her a lot of pain and that she need to get up and walk around a lot on the bus.

    Albany New York to Washington DC is not a hop and a skip.

    For me the story got really amazing when she mentioned that when she got back on the bus for the return trip she asked if anyone else other than she was a republican.

    This is the part I found amazing so I asked her is she had voted for Obama, she hadn't, and why she went.

    She thought it was pretty damn amazing that this women for whom long travel is painful would travel from Albany NY to Washington DC to see the inauguration of someone for whom she didn't vote for. But she did not want to miss this amazing event in history.

    I like Obama, I voted for him. But I was fine with watching it on TV. No way would I stand outside in the cold to go to the inauguration of someone whom I didn't vote for.
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    Does her poop still smell? Mine did earlier. :(

    Well, that's cuz you're probably a racist.

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