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    I was out there for four days doing field work. The airport had Colts banners everywhere. The Walmart had a display in the front of the store that showed the Colts highlight DVD on a continuous loop. Make no mistake about it, the win against the Pats was the greatest sports victory that city has ever experienced. The vibe there was akin to when the Red Sox finally beat the Yankees.

    I wore my Pats hat the whole time. Got some good natured ribbing, but I didn't come across even one ******* Colts fan. Although I hate losing to Peyton and the Colts, I couldn't help but feel good for the fans out there. Talked to a guy who perused their fan site. He said there were a lot of smack talking Ravens fans after the Indy Baltimore game, but a lot of well-wishing Pats fans after the Indy NE game.
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    I talked to a few Pats fans before and after the game and they showed nothing but class the whole time and wished us well in the SB, im sure the Ravens fans wouldn't have been as classy...and your right this was the biggest win this city has ever seen in any sport....pacers had a few good runs but this is much better and alot more exciting....

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