I hope the Pats enjoy the bye because the next 4 games define the season

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    People say its what you do in December that counts and while that is somewhat true,for this season its what the Patriots do in November thats REALLY going to define thier season for them.

    I think if the team can win 3 games in November it will put them in the thick of the AFC title race going into december and probably where they can control their destiny unlike last season where we had to hope things happen here and there.

    Of course they have to play rivals Miami and the Jets at Gillette and on the road against the NFL's 2 best teams,the Colts and the Saints all in november and thats quite a tough road to go through but I think the team is certainly capable of beating at least 3 of these teams if Brady continues to progress towards his normal routine.

    Just 2 or 3 wins will put us in contention,we cannot afford to lose more than 2 and I don't think we should have a problem with that.

    I think we will win the 2 games at home and upset the Colts but lose to the Saints although the Saints actually are the least important game of this stretch since they are an NFC team.

    If we can handle the games at home against division rivals and beat the Colts at Indy,this team will be looking prime for at least a #3 seed no matter even if they have a so so december.

    I think we shall see a record of 8-3 or 7-4 come December 1st

    How do you see the Pats in the month of November?
  2. SVN

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    if the patswin their 3 div games and lose to the colts and saints i will take it. its very tough stretch especially @saints on MNF and then @miami on SNF.
    personally the miami games with their physical running game worry me.
    i think the home games with miami and jets are must wins .
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  3. BelichickFan

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    All things being equal I think the Colts & Saints games are the only two we won't look good for going in. Sure we could play a really bad game and lose to Miami, Houston or whoever but I think it's smooth sailing from here. Absolute worst case we lose to N.O., Indy and one more for 11-5. Realistic worst case we win out except for Indy and N.O. for 12-4. I just think we're better than the other teams on the schedule and should be putting things together to prevent more "bad game" hiccups like the ones that have cost us two wins already.
  4. robertweathers

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    Couldn' agree more, Patriotsfaninpa. I'm not sure how the wins & losses with shake out but I like 2 home wins vs the Jets and Fins for sure.

    MIA away scares me. The fact of the matter is that MIA may just be a typical year 2 of the Parcells regime and take a step back before going forward in year 3. Pats should eek that one out.

    Indy is a good team no question. I think the Pats are better.

    The Saints are the class of the NFC. We may be catching them at the wrong time..

    3-2 is likely. 4-1 would be el primo.
  5. makewayhomer

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    we will be favorites for both home games and dogs for both road games...I would expect 2-2 through this stretch though 3-1 (or sadly 1-3) wouldn't really shock me
  6. JD10367

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    In one of the recent "non-Lombardi" years--don't remember if it was '02, '05, or '06--the Pats had one of those seasons where they looked better than they really were, as they ended up beating all the bad teams and losing to all the good teams. While I don't think this year's team is a clone of that one, I do think that this team is not a complete team yet. The D is learning and progressing, but the O still worries me. The running game is iffy with the injuries, Brady's still not 100% back to form (IMO he regressed a bit this past weekend), the O line is in flux a bit with Light and Vollmer, Welker's working back to 100% but Moss is now dinged up, there's no clear #3 wideout...

    So, it would not surprise me in the least if they beat the Fins and Jets at home but lost both road games. No shame in that because, frankly, right now, the Colts and Saints might be better teams, and they ARE on the road. Still, even going .500 would put them at 7-4.

    IMO it's actually those final five games that will be most telling. By that point, the team should be pretty well in a groove, and what we see will be what we get. If Brady's still off-target, and Maroney is the only running threat and he's falling forward for 2 yards every time... The last five games are, in order, at Miami, Carolina at Gillette, at Buffalo, the Jags at Gillette, and at Houston. If the Pats aren't playing their best, they can easily lose at Miami and at Houston (who is looking pretty decent). Which means even if they beat the woeful Panthers, Bills on the road (which is never easy), and Jags at home, they might still finish 10-6 and out of the running.

    Long story short, I don't think the Colts and Saints games are nearly as important as the two Miami games, the Jets game (especially since they're right behind the Pats in the standings, and have a win in hand), and, surprisingly enough, that final game in Houston.


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    1-3 would put the team in serious jeopardy of the playoffs but its been quite some time since the team lost 2 games in a row which means the team would have to lose 2 games in a row to do that, so 1-3 is a longshot at best.
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  8. chris_in_sunnyvale

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    2-2 with losses @ Indy and NO. Not a critique on the Pats as much as it's what I think of those teams, especially in their (very loud) domes. I just hope the Pats don't go completely to the shotgun in those games because in the noisy environment the Pats will defer to Brady's comfort zone. Indy and NO have the pass rush to tee off on a one-dimensional offense. If the Pats can execute a well-crafted gameplan, yet still lose, I can accept that.

  9. Gwedd

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    I don't see us losing to Indy. They might have a spiffy record, but it's not like they've been playing upper-echelon teams so far.



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    Anyone know what Brady's record is right now playing inside of Domes?

    I remember he was once undefeated at 10-0 inside,but what is it now?
  11. robertweathers

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    I'm with you Gwedd. Indy is a good team, but they've played their share of cupcakes too.
  12. BionicPatriot

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    Every game is huge honestly, we want that home field advantage.

    I know I'm gonna be called a homer but whatever. IMO, I see all you people sit around predicting SB's, but I just don't feel a big confidence coming out of this thread. See, to me I think if you're going to be the best you have to be able to play up to your competition. I think this team is hitting it's stride. I think they have looked VERY well since that Broncos game, no?

    This team is looking like it's ready to peak IMO. If we can get our OL to run block a little bit better which we always seem to do, and Brady continues this upward spiral I see us winning all of those games. Yes, all of them. Call me a homer, whatever. But I really think this year teams has a chance to do something special.

    I realize the dolphins and jets are the big games being divisional and all, but the Colts and Saints sets the tone for the season. If you guys don't buy into that, fine. But I do. When ever the Patriots won SBs or came close, they bullied the big boys (01-03-04-07) We need to be able to take the best of what the NFL has and smack it square in the mouth.

    We have revenge for the Jets, I think the dolphins are a PERFECT match up for our defense being so un-talented at wideout and being one dimensional. I think we have the offense capable to score on any of the Jets, Dolphns, Saints, Colts. But I'm honestly wondering, will our defense be able to stop the Colts/saints?

    Yes my friend, November is the tone setter no doubt.

    Beating up on mediocre teams in December to sneak into the plays like they tried last year, or did in 06, leads nowhere. Every year we won the SB, we beat winnings teams. We need to do the same this year.
  13. BionicPatriot

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    I don't think so either. Indy hasn't seen an offense like this yet, and Brady is going to want that game. The question is what defense will WE see? We obviously can't just run after them like dogs like we can against Tampa/Tenn. So it will be interesting to see how we try to get heat on the QBs without leaving guys wide open. Pees hasn't proven to be too good at that against real teams.
  14. PatsWickedPissah

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    It may be heresy but I'm more than a little concerned about the current coaching staff's gameplans. :(

    On defense, maybe it's a temporary deviation to allow all the new faces to adjust. On offense, who knows?

    A championship team requires the synergistic interaction and positive feedback from all the parts, player performances, player interactions, coaching gameplans and game day adjustments, plus the luck factor and injury factor. This season has just begun.
  15. BelichickFan

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    I'm not ready to call a November peak yet.

    - We still need a #3 WR to emerge, that is looking like December to me with Tate just back now and Edelman out for a while.

    - We need Morris or Taylor back, that's looking like December.

    - We're playing a ton of young guys on defense who should get better the longer the season goes.

    I think we're playing better now and I'd love to have that Bronco game coming up this week given how we're playing. I'm not sure we're ready now, though. Barring a high injury rate I think we may peak the last 4 games of the regular season and heading into the playoffs.
  16. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    3 Concerns
    -Run D
    -Run O
    -Facing super-athletic defensive lines
  17. VJCPatriot

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    I can see the Pats going 3-1 in that stretch. If they can beat the Colts that would be even better, as that would give the edge in AFC tiebreakers for a bye week. The Pats are generally really tough to beat when they get the bye in the playoffs and play at home.

    1. I think the run D will improve as Mayo returns to form. AD's benching also seems to have been a wakeup call for the vet. Burgess finally starting to make an impact.
    2. Yes we need a #3WR. Aiken, Tate, or Nunn have to step up. Aiken looked good on that TD play but I'd like to see more consistency from him. We can find ways to use Tate, just look at the end around. Call his number more often.
    3. The Pats revamped secondary continues to impress me. And the top teams generally have top passing attacks - Colts/Saints, so that matches up well personnel-wise.
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  18. BionicPatriot

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    If we can get Maroney going that more than makes up for a # 3. You're right though, it would be nice to find a constant threat at the spot this year.

    -again, if Maroney can prove himself this year we'll be ok. I'm only saying IF. This is Maroney's one time he has been healthy and I'm intrigued to see what he can do.

    - I think we get better every week on defense. But that's me.

    I think real championship teams play up to their competition. Look at the Steelers, they handled the Vikings this week when a lot of people didn't believe in them. If all this Patriots team is capable of is beating the crippled teams into submission but falling to good teams that they're not doing anything this year.

    Real championship teams simply step up and win games they need to. I will be dissapointed if we can't handle either Indy or the Saints. We simply cannot afford to lose to Indy this year. the Saints game is more for style points, but another conference loss and we can pretty much hand HFA to either the Colts or the Steelers.

    IMO, Belichick is the man when he plays at home in the post season. We want a bye at least.


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    One other concern with Vollmer facing the likes of Jason Taylor,Dwight Freeney,Will Smith and Shaun Ellis in the next month if Light remains sidelined.
  20. BionicPatriot

    BionicPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    Absofrigginlutely. I have been worried all year about the run D. If we're in a close game, it could really cost us. My question is, could it be the Pats aren't quite comfortable defensively yet to handily take away both the pass and the run? Maybe it's part of the adjustment they've been making. But we're going to need to be able to pressure Manning all day and take away his run game if we want to stop them at all. Run D is going to have to rise up.

    Run O all around, again point. It's not all Maroney's fault. They looked so weak this past weekend, I was dissapointed to see them not giving up big holes again. I need to see more consistency out of this group.

    Yes, this is where our OL struggles. Vollmer has to really put on his big boy pants and show why we drafted him where we did. Light's out, and we're depending on a rookie to block Brady's back. If Vollmer can show the ability to protect Brady, we may very well see the end of Matt Light. It'll be interesting because they have REALLY gotten handled when ever they face a good OL.
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