I got a reply from the Fire Borges email

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  1. Brownfan80

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    From jtsullivan@globe.com:

    Ron Borges is one of the best football writers in the country. As the
    author of "On Football" stories in the Globe, he's paid to have an opinion.
    One of his most recent opinions was that Bill Belichick should be the NFL's
    Coach of the Year. In past stories he has written that as a member of the
    Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee, he will lead the effort for
    Belichick's induction when the time comes. I see no bias in his work at the
  2. mtbykr

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    What a joke! That's just another reason that i try not to read the globe (just the herald). Jackie Mac had a good piece on Vrable today; that and Reiss---other than that the globe sucks!
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  3. Tunescribe

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    I got the same response. Here was my reply:

    And it's precisely this defensive attitude of yours why myself and growing legions of very knowledgeable football fans have turned their backs on you, Borges, and the Globe.
    You are in an odd state of denial when one of your writers publicy admits to having personal enmity toward one of his primary sources, then proceeds to reflect that in his writing time and time again. His suggestion of Belichick being named coach of the year does not whitewash that transparently obvious bias.
    Yours appears to be a case of the tail wagging the dog. So be it. I don't even read the Globe online anymore, let alone buy it at the newsstand. My missive was in response to Borges's outrageous nonsense on the airwaves of late.
  4. mgcolby

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    A mass reply. Go figure. here is my response

    He openly admitted that he does not like Belichick. It is one thing for a reporter to write an opinion based on facts, it is another for a reporter to write article after article bashing an organization and criticizing its every move (in its hometown newspaper) without ever coming back and stating that he was wrong. His actions reflect directly on the Boston Globe and if you wish to support a person who has punched a crippled elderly man then it explains a lot about the Boston Globe. He went on the air and suggested that he has dirt on the man he openly despises; which to me means that he was backed into a corner and had no way out so he created an out by fabricating one. Until his "claim" is articulated and substantiated I am going to assume that he is just trying to stir up controversy where none exists.
    The Boston Globe is going down the same road that the NY Times traveled. Journalistic integrity is something that should be held in the highest regard. This man is an embarrassment to the City of Boston and to the Boston Globe and you are now on record as supporting him.
  5. Pujo

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    Why doesn't somebody ask his editor if he has any biases related to beating up an old, handicapped man?
  6. pats1

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    I did indeed too get the same response.

    Huge load of crap. It's no coincidence it was in my junk mail folder.
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  7. Fanfrom1960

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    I think a lot of newspapers are hurting because of the informaton explosion available on the Internet. I get calls all the time from the San Jose Mercury News and the SF Chronicle for several free months of delivery if I subscribe. Keep saying no but they keep calling. Newspapers may go the way of the buggy whip.
  8. Garbanza

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    I received that same email!

    I just sent this last note in reponse:

    "The arrogance and denial the Globe continues to portend is amazing.

    I will continue purchasing the Boston Herald.


    Former Globe Subscriber"
  9. mtbykr

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    Since everyone is getting the same mass response. Why doesn't someone come up with a "response to the response" that everyone here can copy and paste to reply to the "mass response" from the globe.

    just a thought!
  10. Brownfan80

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    It's strange to me that the same paper can employ Borges and Reiss. They are so diametrically opposed it's spooky.
  11. shatch62

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    Think this is my favorite Borges article/rant


    After winning 2 of the previous 3 S.B. – this was written before last years season – Borges tells us tha

    1) Coach has a lot of nerve for not going in front of the Media to rationalize his picks. I myself would PREFER that the coach concentrate on the draft as opposed to talking with the media.
    2) Previous drafts were busts and the Belichick needed to draft similar players again because “if you don't get it right the first time, just repeat yourself.†Those crappy earlier draft resulted in 2 S.B. wins. Even if they were “busts†I would prefer that BB take a player that can help as opposed to him NOT taking a player because he already drafted that position earlier.

    Just read the article… it was stupid taking into account the Pats had 2 Super Bowls BEFORE Borges wrote it and then won another.

    I have no problem with him questioning the draft. I was not happy that they drafted Watson when they could have had a number of other players that I felt filled bigger needs. I hate they way he writes his opinion like he is desperately trying to convince everyone else to come over to his way of think.

    Keep up the good work Ronnie.
  12. Brownfan80

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    excellent thought, i'd be up to send another response.
  13. mcsully

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    I replied to the entire group I originally emailed.. MY RESPONSE TO TSULLIVAN

    Mr. Sullivan,

    Thank you for responding to my email. I respectfully disagree with your idea
    that you see no bias on Mr. Borges part. The information provided clearly
    states that Mr. Borges has personal issues with the Patriots.

    As fan of all sports and opinions, I can clearly see that Mr. Borges needs to
    go. My brother, a New York Jets fan, even believes that Borges is ridiculous
    and only hurts the Globes reputation.

    If your goal is to tarnish the Globes reputation, then you going the right way
    about it. If you believe in putting out professional journalism, then the Globe
    must separate them from Ron Borges.

    Please take into account that this is a reoccurring theme. Action is requested
    from your loyal readers. The ball is on your side of the court.

    Thank you,
  14. Joker

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    Yup....same ridiculous reply here

    "Ron voted for BB to the Hall of Fame!!!!"...uh....yeah...well....guess he'd look pretty STUPID being the lone dissenting vote of writers nationwide.

    I see no bias in his work at the

    heh....like that MSNBC draft opinion flew right over their heads at the Globe..."didn't see anything here!!! nothing must exist therefore!!!"
    well, nothing CAN'T exist...but Borges existence may as well be an exercise is nothingness
  15. SoCal Bong

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    I forwarded the reply to CHF with a couple of questions and this is their reply:

    "They wrote it to everyone, apparently ... Theyr'e starting to trickle into us now. They couldn't respond to everyone. By my count, they've got about 400 angry e-mails today calling for borges to be fired."


    Sullivan's statement indicates that they aren't even listening. A new course of action should be organized.

    CHF, BostonSportsMedia & PatsFans.com have joined forces...
  16. AndyJohnson

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    I would mass send something like the following:

    As a Patriot fan and Globe reader, I have always found Ron Borges to be anti-Patriot, and to have a personal grudge against Bill Belichick which taints his opinion and reporting.
    It has recently been brought to my attention that there are so many of your readers that feel this way that you have needed to write a scripted response to be sent to anyone who has issue with Mr. Borges. Interestingly, while you state in that response that you deny any bias on Borges' part, it appears there have been so many people expressing this opinion to you that you do not have the time to reply to them, and must create a stereotyped response. How many times would you have to receive email saying Borges is baised before needing a scripted response? 100? 1000?
    It is also very interesting that someone who felt the need to do this, would imply that someone thinking Borges is biased is alone in that thinking, when you yourself felt that a scripted response to that claim was necessary for you to do your job.

    All that aside, I would suggest that you do some research into your opinion. There are many Patriot fan message boards. All have commentary on Borges, and none are favorable. I recognize that controversy sells newspapers, and any publicity is good publicity, however, if you research the opinions of the indivduals who choose a newspaper based on Patriot coverage, i.e. Patriot fans, you are almost certain to find Mr Borges costs you many more readers than his controversial, inaccurate, and at time maniacal opinions attract.
  17. Chris

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    wouldnt it just be easier to not read borges? there is no chance of this email campaign working. They are not going to fire him cause you guys email them to..
  18. mcsully

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    squeaky wheel gets the grease :)
  19. bobgeorge

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    I've said this time and time again...all this complaining is EXACTLY what Borges and the Globe wants you to do.

    Some media types hate me when I say this, but a newspaper reporter in general and a columnist in particular have basically two things they must do with their craft:

    1) Sell newspapers

    2) Start arguments

    Borges is a tremendous writer in the abstract. His style is wonderful, and I have tried to emulate him lately (when I began writing in 1996, I tried to emulate Ryan and Shaughnessy). His techinque is stunning, and his presentation is always solid.


    I do not like his anti-Belichick bias, and it completely clouds the great work he is capable of doing. What I would like to know is WHY Borges does not like Belichick. Was it the Globe editors telling him "Hey Ron, go find something about the Patriots to take issue with and run with it best you can!"? Or did BB torque off Borges at some news conference and Borges will never forgive him for it? Who knows.

    That said, the best way to deal with Borges, if he continues to disgust you, is to simply not discuss his work nor pay him heed. A columnist wants desperately to be either hated or loved, but the worst thing they can be is either irrelevant or ignored. The bottom line is that if you continue to buy their papers or read his articles online, it provides the Globe no incentive at all to stop him. They will all sit back there at Morrissey Blvd. and laugh at all of you silly as you hem and haw over how Borges stiffed BB again, but no response from you will make someone over there stand up and take notice.

    I will say this: For all the complaining the Globe gets over favouring the Red Sox over the Patriots, you can't say that Borges ignores the Patriots. Personally I wish Borges would stop slamming BB unnecessarily, even if he pushes BB for COTY out of the other corner of his mouth. Complain about what needs complained about, yes, but this anti-BB stuff is petty, foolish, and it is alienating readers all over the place.

    Bob G
  20. Michael

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    I have too.

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