I find myself softening on our old advesaries.

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  1. PATS16N0

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    And absolutely hating the recent upstart teams.

    The Denver Broncos. I hate this team.

    I hated this team in the 90's. I hated horseface Elway. I hate that their idiotic fans bring up "spygate" when they were fined by the NFL both years they won* a Superbowl for fielding illegal football teams. I didn't even hate them in a `good way.` We called them `The Denver Flailing Asses.` I hated them in an "OMG your team is stupid and pointless" sort of way.

    Stupid Broncos with their stupid uniforms. Orange with a big dumb D on their helmets. Go away.

    And now they sign Peyton Manning, free agent, in an insulting and pathetic attempt to lift themselves from obscurity for two whole seasons before they go back to being irrelevant with no future like usual.

    We cannot let this stupid, dumb, flailing ass orange Denver team win a Superbowl. Good thing we're not going to let them do anything of the sort.

    All this media spin about Denver, about Peyton. The Bronco fans are really buying into it. I can't wait to burst their stupid little bubble and show them the only thing they managed to do with Manning was spend 20 million dollars more than they had to to get their asses handed back to them by the Patriots in the post season.

    Brady Punt NFL Divisional Playoffs 2012 - YouTube

    Anyway, I find myself seriously disliking these upstart teams around the league. I actually find myself missing the Steelers. I liked the Colts this season (I would say something about the Jets but they're not a real football team). I've even suddenly softened on the Ravens despite the officials completely screwing us out of a W against them earlier.

    Denver, the 49'ers, I used to like the Seahawks until week 6.
    The only new comer I don't hate is probably Texas because they play like girls so I basically just feel bad for their fans.

    We're the last AFC powerhouse from the last decade still standing and standing tall at that.

    I wanted the Steelers, the Colts and the Ravens to suck so bad for so long and now that they do I miss them. Glad we play the Steelers and the Colts next year. Hopefully they get a little better. It'll be nice playing real football organizations (classic organizations) again instead of these bottom feeding
    buy-a-ring, flash in the pan, Eagle-esque, here one season and gone the next, soulless, free agency built super-scrub teams nobody cares about.
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  2. PATS16N0

    PATS16N0 In the Starting Line-Up

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    Fun Fact:

    We've averaged more points against Denver over the course of our last three encounters than Denver has scored against any opponent in their last four seasons.

    May want to hold off on ordering that new trophy case, dumb asses.
  3. Nikolai

    Nikolai Football Atheist PatsFans.com Supporter

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    It happens. Hates change. Twenty years ago, Pats fans hated the Bills and Dolphins more than any other. Today, they're mostly afterthoughts, with the possible exception of lingering Dolphin hate.

    I don't hate the Broncos. I think they're overhyped, and they remind me of upstarts like the 2008 Titans or somesuch for some reason. But I don't hate them.
  4. fxkane

    fxkane Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    As to uniforms, I think the Baltimore Ravens are number one. (the best)

    Generally we hate teams that are either trad. rivals or very good in the sense of almost equal to or equal to the Pats. There are also teams who seem to be either a little dirty or take some kind of unfair edge... esp when they play you (this is more perception than anything)

    The only team that I seem never to soften on is the Jets. Not sure why, but they cannot lose enough to suit me. Strange because I like the Giants and think nyc is without parallel.
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    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

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    Still hate Steelers, Jets no matter what. Ravens are another team I can't stand. I root against the Giants most of the time, but I can't say I truly hate them. For some reason I have no issues with any other teams, not even Denver.
  6. Fencer

    Fencer Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

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    I hate very few teams. But then, I grew up in LA, following the Lakers, and also lived in Manhattan for 15 years.
  7. the Patriot

    the Patriot On the Game Day Roster

    Wherever Manning goes the knob-slobbers in the media follow, and the fans eventually buy into it.

    The Broncos won the AFC West? How did you do it Peyton?
  8. everlong

    everlong Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    I have to give Felger credit for this one. Peyton Manning has been to the playoffs 11 times and has gone one and done 7 times. Tom Brady has been to the playoffs 10 times and has gone to the Super Bowl 5 times.

    Manning 7/11 .636
    Brady 5/10 .500

    Clearly they like Manning because of the numbers. ;)
  9. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Not me. I still hate the Colts and only rooted for them in the last game of the season because Pagano seems like a genuinely good guy. I still hate the Steelers too and would love to see them continue to go 8-8 in order to miss the playoffs while still getting a bad draft pick. My hate for the Broncos was still there, but it rebuilt big time this year.
  10. Silver Blue&Red

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    Now that the Jest are beaten down, the Donkeys fans are by far the biggest A holes I've encountered this season.
  11. ATippett56

    ATippett56 Pro Bowl Player

    The Denver Broncos:

    Repeat salary cap offenders

    Which is a far worse offense than SpyGate or BountyGate.
  12. mgteich

    mgteich PatsFans.com Veteran PatsFans.com Supporter

    Hate for Miami and Denver is deep and has been around for a very long time. I've only followed the pats since 1979. I don't ever recall folks hating the Bills.

    For me, the jets are simply amusing and sad. They can't win, they never could (sell not since Namath). They are the only team in the division never worthy.

  13. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Ice_Ice_Brady In the Starting Line-Up

    I don't really hate Denver all that much, as I have strong reasons for hating rivals aside from the fact that they're capable of beating us:

    NY Jets- Clearly they top the list. The biggest wannabee, "look at me" team in professional sports. They are also the most arrogant management I've ever seen, believing that they are an exception to every rule. Big talking, chest thumping, headling grabbing. All in all, they were basically a .500 team over 4 years where they did everything possible to win now, and they got hot at the right time a couple of years.

    Indianapolis- Although the Manning cult was certainly annoying, my hatred for the Colts had much more to do with Tony Dungy's "Barry Bonds" comment and the fact that Polian unfairly used his position on the competition committee to change the rules. Unethical at the highest level. Polian goes to the offseason meetings specifically to design the rules around a pass-first offense. Then for whatever reason, every fan in the US believes the Devil Brady is responsible for the pass-happy NFL today. These days, with Polian, Dungy, and Manning gone, I don't see any reason to dislike them much.

    Pittsburgh- Their fans are the biggest Spygate conspiracy theorists out there. First, they constantly question why Goodell destroyed the tapes. Well, we all saw what was on the tapes- it was a camera shot of the coach's signals, followed by the scoreboard. It was shown to everyone. There is no conspiracy; Bill Belichick did not send him tapes of torturing animals and children. They constantly call the Patriots "cheaters" while their own organization was on roids all throughout the 70s and their doctor was busted a few years ago for PED distribution, but that was swept under the rug. They have also been the beneficiaries of almost every call in NFL history, including that tainted SB against Seattle. The Steelers also talk about "the Steeler Way" all the time, but they draft as many turds as the Bengals. Porter, Harrison, Roethlisberger, Burress, Holmes... this list goes on and on. This organization can certainly identify talent, but let's stop acting like their players are also saints.

    Baltimore- I don't really hate Baltimore that much. Although Suggs is pretty dumb, he basically trash talks every team. Flacco is an overrated, smug dink bag. But overall, I like the way the play football, and I will miss Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

    Denver- The only reason I dislike Denver is the Peyton Manning factor. I actually like Manning, I just can't stand the cult. He's a great quarterback, one of the best ever- I put him right there with Brady despite what most Pats fans say. However, he does not make his defense and coaches better, he is not a "transcendent" quarterback who can't be measured like everyone else, and and he's as good, but not better than, Brady and Rodgers. He had a choice of about 10 teams this offseason and chose the Broncos with a 2-3 year window to win another SB, yet the media acts like he was unfairly traded to the worst team in the NFL, with no choice, and miraculously transformed them from rags to riches. I'm not buying it. You add an elite quarterback to a team with a strong nucleus and stout defense, and this what you get. Had Brady, Rodgers, or Brees had a choice of 10 teams, you'd probably see them winning 12-14 games, too. Implementing a new system and adapting to it in the same year is standard operating procedure in the NFL.
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