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  1. Patriot_dynasty

    Patriot_dynasty Practice Squad Player

    ...when the offense stayed on the field and that ball was actually snapped, everyone in Patriot Nation rose to their feet...or at least sat at the edge of their seat, digging the call to "go for it". It was when the play failed that everyone went ape sh&$ and stared screaming how stupid the call was.

    I don't care what is said about Coach Bill Bilecheck, that man PLAYS TO WIN THE GAME. And that is what makes the Patriots organization great...they will do stuff that no other team will do for a chance to win ball games.
  2. mcgraw_wv

    mcgraw_wv In the Starting Line-Up

    I even cheered after the execution of the play!!! - Ive seen catches liek that all day long and the spot isn't moved THAT far back.
  3. chrisfx811

    chrisfx811 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I didn't even think 'stupid call' on that 4th down play.
    I was more pissed about the 1st down call, the 3rd down call, the missing of Welker 3 yards deeper than Faulk, and most of all the ridiculous spotting of the ball by the ref who didn't have a clear view of the reception.

    If Brady makes a better read, we win the game.
    If the ref makes the correct spot, we win the game.

    A lot had to go wrong for us to lose the game. Sadly, it all did.
  4. ForThoseAboutToRock

    ForThoseAboutToRock Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #50 Jersey

    I would like to have seen my own face when watching the ref spot that ball. :confused:
  5. Patriot_dynasty

    Patriot_dynasty Practice Squad Player

    The 4th quarter from hell.
  6. JSn

    JSn Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract


  7. Tunescribe

    Tunescribe PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    I got up and stood inches away from the TV. It was a riveting moment, for sure, about as intense as it gets watching a football game.
  8. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Ice_Ice_Brady In the Starting Line-Up

    This hasn't gotten to the point of absurdity. I remember another "stupid" call when the Patriots took an intentional safety against Denver years ago. And another "stupid" call when the Patriots went for it on 4th and 1 from their own 30 in the THIRD quarter this year against Atlanta. BB is a risk taker, and usually the risks work in our favor, but not always. The media acts like this game was decided on one decision. The defense completely tanked it in the 4th quarter, Brady threw a bad pick, Maroney fumbled at the goal line, and even on THAT play Faulk bobbled the ball and still might have gotten the first down.

    I would ask Tedy Bruschi, where was that "disrespected, defiant" defense with a an ax to grind when they did come on the field with two minutes left? They still had their chance to send a message. The fact they allowed a TD in FOUR plays confirmed that they were inept at that point in the game. I would much rather put the victory in the hands of your best player, Brady, who did his job and put the ball where it needed to be.

    A bold, gutsy decision. It's exactly this type of "risky" decision that has made Belichick a great strategist, and this is exactly why sports writers should not be coaching in the NFL.

    Statisticians have published several articles stating this was the correct call. At the very least, the call was questionable, or perhaps even incorrect. To call it "stupid" is just irresponsible. To call it "arrogant" doesn't even make sense. How can a call be "arrogant"? Trying to win a football game is arrogant? I think these writers should give their vote for Coach of the Year to Dick Jauron.
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  9. STFarmy

    STFarmy In the Starting Line-Up

    It was the call to make. Despite Belichick's reputation as a more conservative football player, I would argue that he's only strategically conservative. He will make a gutsy, crazy call if the situation is best suited for it. It's all about the situation with him.

    And as far as many are concerned, that was a first down. So honestly, he made it.
  10. speed

    speed On the Game Day Roster

    The one question I have is this.

    If it is the right call, statistically to go for it on 4th and2.

    Should teams always go for it on 4th and 2, instead of punt?

    Maybe, I'm misunderstanding, was it just this situation that makes it the right call or is it always statistically the right thing to do.

    This is an honest question. You can discount it and call me a troll, whatever. I am not instigating here. This is just amazing how much pub this call is getting, it's crazy.

    I was at the game, and I still can't believe it, really. The game, the call, all of it.

    I would imagine this was just is just round one for this year.

    I'll shut up now and watch for an answer.

    See you in January.
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  11. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Cool. Another one of these threads.
  12. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Ice_Ice_Brady In the Starting Line-Up

    It's a different situation. By all means, the Patriots were desperately trying to keep the ball away from Manning. They knew that, if Manning got the ball, Brady would not get another chance of his own. Therefore, this was a "last opportunity" situation. The Colts had just shredded the Patriots defense twice, and the defense was clearly exhausted. Statistically teams have a higher percentage of scoring TDs in the last two minutes, especially with two timeouts left. Had this been a play in the first, second, or third quarter, or had the Patriots been going up against Trent Edwards, they certainly would have punted. Additionally, the Patriots offense had moved the ball well all game. This isn't a call you make with Brady Quinn on 4th and 2.
  13. Patriot_dynasty

    Patriot_dynasty Practice Squad Player

    I didn't know I had to clear my post through you, KontradicktioN. I hope you enjoyed your visit.
  14. JSn

    JSn Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    It's in the FUQU, just have to read toward the middle. ;)
  15. speed

    speed On the Game Day Roster

    Thanks for the reply!
  16. supafly

    supafly PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    I thought the call was correct at the time, but I also thought the idea was to almost kind of 'let them score' from the 28, thus getting the ball back in time to get in field goal position with over a minute and a half remaining.

    When they lined up to go for it, I really thought that it made sense, and that BB was trying to avoid having Indy keep the ball, march down the field, and score to win it. If we had simply allowed them to go up 1 pt, then we could've gotten the ball back with 1 1/2 min. left simply needing to get in FG range.

    I thought that was the whole idea of going for it, but of course I realized how wrong I was when Meriweather made the tackle at the 1 yd line. I thought the chances were way better with my idea of getting the ball back, even though it may sound weird.
  17. olschool

    olschool Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    It was just that particular situation. Take into account all the variables, and it was better to try to win the game with that one play.

    It isn't often that a punting situation has win or loss ramifications.
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