I did not see the Game so tell me please

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  1. carolinatony

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    What is the Problem with the O ?
    I have only seen 2 games this year against the Vikiing and Bears so I read a lot of what you guys saying to get some feedback.

    1- Is it the Offensive coordinator bad?
    2-Is the O line not doing its job? Seems like Brady is not getting protected very well? No holes opened for the running game like we want
    3- Is it that we don't have very good recievers; are they not on the same page with Brady or is Brady having a bad year?
    4- Why so many turnovers with the O; its usally the other way around

    We all we need a CB and or safety next year and probably a LB but the defense has played ok and if the O was playing like it SHOULD we would not be having these nail biters against the Lions.
  2. Kdo5

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  3. carolinatony

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    What happened with the running game? I know dillon scored 3 TD's but we didn't get many yards.
  4. PatsSteve1

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    The biggest problem with the O is the continuing turnover problem. 3 mor today. 1 fumble they got back or it would have been 4 TO's. Since the Cotls gamne they are averaging about 4 a game. That'll screw up just about any O.
  5. Box_O_Rocks

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    I thought Pass' fumble came on a good play by a DL who caught him from behind and went for the strip.

    Evans was beaten by a blitzing DB who strip sacked Brady for the safety.

    Brady and Caldwell were on the wrong page or Tommy was off on his pass - it needed to be on the sideline side for that location.

    Refresh my memory, what was the other TO?
  6. MoLewisrocks

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    Zolak just said that on the INT it was Reche not curling in when he was supposed to. I thought so because of the way Brady reacted. If it's on him he usually looks flustered or points to himself. He just glared...

    Reiss has a note that after that safety Dante gathered his troops on the sidelines for a heart to heart - our FB lost his block which cost us the safety.

    Our receivers aren't very good, and when they play sloppy as they have of late it is a killer. Gabriel made one nice catch and on his next attempt he married the goal post and probably concussed himself too. Watson needs to be taken outside to the woodshed. The fumbles and penalties just have to stop.

    Maroney was a big loss because Dillon can't carry the load (except across the goal line :D ). Faulk and Pass if they don't fumble with too many touches are fine on half back passes but you can only go to that well just so often. I think Koolaid is OK though, just got his bell rung big time for the first time in the NFL.

    The OC is the least of this teams problems.
  7. Kdo5

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    Yards dont matter if you get 3 TDs out of one RB. Yards are stats, TD's are points. And points matter more than stats.
  8. carolinatony

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    I agree BUT... you want to pound the ball in the playoffs like when we won those SB's. I would like to see a little better production in the running game that's all
  9. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    I hear you! :D
  10. Kdo5

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    Maroney got injured early if you didnt know already. I think there was a lot of passing anyway since Dillon only got 8 or 9 carries.
  11. PatsWickedPissah

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    It was YET ANOTHER FUMBLE by Ben Watson, the Drive Killer
  12. PatsWickedPissah

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    I agree with the whole analysis except I maintain that Brady has 50% fault at least on the INT. Watch the replay. He looks left at Reche all the time and then throws. You cannot stare down a WR on a not quick out pattern against a good corner.
  13. carolinatony

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    Why do we not run better? Do we need a John Hannah on the line?
    All I ever hear is lets get another TE for blocking. Why not draft a stud OL that can blow away the DL on running plays. Am i missing something here?
  14. Poll

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    I'd like to see you pull one out your ess.
  15. stcjones

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    1) IMHO, we need a good, seasoned OC next year. McDaniels has been pretty awful this year......

    2) O line has been sketchy....sometimes kicking ***** ...other times sloppy, getting penalty after penalty, and collapsing under pressure. i think our running game has been hindered alot this year due to poor OL play. You look at Addai...he looks like Barry Sanders this year primarily because their OL has done a great job in run setup. IMHO...Maroney is ALOT better than Addai but has had poor support this year.....The second part of the equation is Brady....and I think that due to the lack of "comfort" with the receivers, and some other reasons I am not sure of.....he is NOT the usual Tom Brady we have been "spoiled" on......However, he looked great in the drives late in today's game....

    3) The receiver situation is still a problem. Where have you gone Doug Gabriel? Jabar "one reception" Gaffney, and Chad "I got a hangnail" Jackson....are NOT stepping up....or ARE NOT getting our offense......I am the most shocked by Gabriel as he was kicking it early on..and now has dropped way off......in short, yes the receivers not being on the same page,or in sync with Brady remains a BIG problem...thanks Gawd for Reche Caldwell (can't believe I am saying that as I personally did not have HUGE expectations for him here.......and as usual...the Ironman.....Troy Brown......

    4) I think that this comes back to Brady being a bit OFF this year....combined with perhaps alot of guys watching alot of tape on him and recognizing his tendencies in throwing over the middle...(How else can you explain the high percentage of tipped balls (with INTS) this year?).....Secondly, as I said above, the OL has been sketchy this year....not doing their job as well as they should be overall......

    Anyways....today...we were lucky to get out of Foxboro with a win today....I am still a bit shocked that we played a team that was that BAD....that CLOSE........they came to play today...give Detroit alot of credit.....Pats have some work to do......>>>GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. stcjones

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    Watson will rise above these TO's....he is better than that...and he has made so many CLUTCH plays for us......he is not nearly the killer that Faulk has been overall.....and I still have yet to see replay of today's fumble....I would have sworn that his knee was down...just doubt BB had video accuracy that would overturn it....appreciate your PWP.....but I think Watson will get it together and cont to be huge for us down the road....one man's opinion
  17. patsfaninpa

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    I don't think OL came to play today. They committed too many penalties and allowed too much pressure. They didn't allow any sacks last week against a great defense. I thought they were the key to the win on the offensive side. They were awful today against the worst team in the league who also happened to be missing their best dl. They better play against Miami next week like they did against Chicago.

    The fumbles are ridiculous. Ball security is an issue. We must hold onto the damn ball. Killing our drives.

    I thought the db made a nice play on the int. Jammed Caldwell and had inside position. He got some late pressure. But, I blame Brady on that one.
  18. PatsFan-NH

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    I think the play calling has been dubious, doing the same things over and over, even when they don't work. That may not be the OC's fault, with so many new receivers, it may be a case of limiting what they can do.

    I think the new receivers are still too erratic. Sometimes they are where they are supposed to be, and sometimes not. They are still not completely in-sync with Brady.

    Brady isn't up to scratch. Not sure why. I still think he has some super secret injury. At times he plays really well, and at others he doesn't, and I can't say why. Some can be attributed to the receivers being confused, and some to the problems with the O-line, but there are times when everything seems to come together and he doesn't make the play.

    Don't know why the O-Line is having problems, but they seem to be letting people in on Brady, committing penalties, and having trouble creating holes for the RBs.

    Maroney has had a problem with running because he seems to run into the pile rather than waiting for the lane to open up. It was glaring in one of the last games. Corey just recently ripped off a 50+ yard run, so I think he is fine, and if the O-line ever gets their act together he will be fierce.

    The TEs and Backs have good games, but they also have not been in the right place, have fallen down too easily, and have fumbled.

    Its like the whole offense is out of sync. Sometimes it all comes together, but they can't seem to keep it going, either with-in the game, or from one game to the next.

    Although they can get the job done, the result is sloppy play, and it will cost us eventually if we don't fix it.

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