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    Hey guys,

    I tried posting this on Patriots Planet but these guys showed no class.

    I'm not here to talk ****. As a Jets fan I know you guys are the better team and this win means nothing if we can't do it come playoff time.

    The reason why I'm here is to invite some of you guys to call into Jet Fuel. It's an online live radio show going on at 8PM tonight EST. I'm not looking for trash talking, I would just love to hear your comments on the game from a Pats fan's point of view. We all watched this game through green & white colored glasses and a fresh perspective would be great.

    As a football fan I'm just looking for someone that will call in and represent this site and a true Pats fan to get a finger on the pulse of what went wrong today from your view. It's not about talking trash, it's pure football talk.

    If you're interested, check out www.jetfuelradio.com for more details on the show and if you want to call in you can do so at 516 874-2851.

    Thanks guys and if I don't hear from you, good luck the rest of the way.

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