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  1. Although not much history exists between the Pats and Falcons, with respect to game history, i feel both franchises have some things in common. First of all there's Thomas Dimitroff, thank you very much. Second, there's a young QB named Matt Ryan (AKA Matty Ice), whom i believe hails from y'all's neck of the woods. Anyways, i thought i might pop in from time to time to discuss football in general, and maybe trade friendly barbs prior to week 3.:D:D
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    First, do you hate dogs? Or cats? Cats could be an issue with some posters.

    Second, welcome to the board. You have a good core in Dimitroff and Ryan.
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    If you come in peace feel free to swing by weeks 1, 15 & 16. This board will be filled with Falcon fans on those weeks.

    Go birds, squish them fish!
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  4. Not even funny if you're referring to the Vick escapde regarding the dog comment, but nah, i love dogs, not soo much cats though.:D
  5. Oh rest assured i'll be dropping in from time to time. Really would like to sweep the AFC east, but would settle for 3 of 4, but who knows how things will work out??:)
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    Well... we do. ;)

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    3 out of 4 would be GLORIOUS! Bills, Jets, Fins... perrrrrfect...
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    Well there goes the olive branch...:ugh:
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    I'm new here also, but am a Dolfan. At the Phin forums we get the occasional Jet fan but haven't seen any Pats fans. I won't be rude and will discuss/debate like a adult.
    Happy Hunting.
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    As long as your name isn't Travis 'aka Aqua' you'll be welcome, but be fore-warned that there is a continuous poster/dumba$$ that persistently tries to post here under various screen names only to be called out fairly quickly. He hasn't done Dolphin fans any favors due to his intellectual incapacity of logical thought and reasoning. Not to mention that he's dumber than bag of hammers.
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    what do you got against cats :disagreement:
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    Same here!! I live in NH, and one of my really good friends is a huge Pats fan, and posts on here quite a bit, and he got me to register on here. Here's to good discussions and friendly banter!! :disagreement:

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