I believe, we should all believe.

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  1. I just finished watching 3 games to glory and besides bringing a tear to my eye, it made me believe once again that everything is possible. We saw what new england did with david patton, jermaine wiggins and antwoine smith. We saw what a stellar defense with, mcginist, law, milloy, washington, seymoure, and pheifer. We all saw what took place and seeing it again makes me believe it is destiny we do it again. The stellar performance has now switched over to the offense but the defense is still just as capapable. Ill admit I was feeling a bit nervouse after seeing the pats D give up big play after play these last couple of weeks. But now I believe again. I believe there is nothing to worry about that we will be fine. We will win its destiny. Want more proof february 3rd, 2002 patriots win the super bowl. February 3rd, 2008 its about time we do it again.
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    Slurring my words. We are all Patriots!!

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    don't forget that 2005 was the year Tedy :rocker: had his stroke, and still played in the superbowl......
    amazing when you think about how damb good this team is since Bill started coaching!!!!
  4. Granted he did play in the super bowl but he didn't have his stroke till after the pro bowl. Still a great story though that he was able to come back from that. What im trying to convey with this thread though is that we've been through a lot of tough games, tougher than this next game against the jags, and for any patriot fan to be worried is ridicuolous because of what this team has already done, I admit I was one of those fans but after watching this dvd for the hundredth time I just can't help but believe its going down again.
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    The funny part is, when you said you watched 3 Games to Glory I was going to ask WHICH one. You of course answered my question but its amazing to think that we have 3 of these incredible seasons to look back on.
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    Coach Belichick and Scott Pioli have given us something that us old timers can never forget. Their time here has been special, in regards to coaching, and players and I have the utmost faith in them to do what it takes to win. Three more games folks, just three more games.
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