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Hypothetical - Two - 1st Round Pick Question.

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by IcyPatriot, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. IcyPatriot

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    I'm looking at all the mock drafts ... like most everybody else and I start thinking. What would you think if Belichick traded back in the 1st round and... I doubt Belichick would do this but he has suprised before.

    Would you do it ... do you think he would do it?
    I really doubt he would but oh, would it piss everyone off big time!!!

    Option 1: Select 3 Players.
    Trade back and then select DRC or McKelvin.
    Trade up to 1st round to get DE-Groves, DE-Harvey, OLB-Conner or even SS-Phillips.
    Find a way to keep the second 3rd round pick for an ILB, S or OT.

    Option 2: Select 5 Players - Not my post intention but so appetizing.
    Trade back and select DRC or McKelvin.
    Keep the added 2nd or 3rd round pick picking 4 players in rounds 2 and 3.
    A DE, ILB, S and an OT .. not necessarily in that order.

    5 Players in the 1st 3 rounds ... who else has that many? Only Atlanta 1 in the first, 3 in the 2nd and 1 3rd.
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  2. JoePats

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    I guess 5 in 3 is possible. But if the Pats trade back I believe it will be to target Groves as opposed to a corner, esp when there are plenty of corners in this draft and the rules limit the abilities of those players.
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