Hypothetical Question - What if We Voted Them All Out?

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by IcyPatriot, Aug 14, 2009.

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    #24 Jersey

    Hypothetical question ... what if and would we possibly ever vote them all out?

    Would that be good or bad?

    What if we voted out all the Congress people but not the more balanced Senate?

    What if we stuck with our bacon collecting Congress people and voted out our Senators instead?

    As much as I'd love to see our Congress get thrown to the wolves I think their replacements would be more ripe for abuse. New Congress people getting assaulted daily by professional lobbyists - perhaps that's not a good thing. I think what would be good but perhaps difficult would be if America could vote for a nice blend of democrat liberals, moderates and conservatives with an almost equal amount of republicans.

    Myself I wish we had more blue dogs in Congress. Even though they tend to vote with the party on social issues they at least slow down the train a bit on economic issues. Hard to see the republicans pulling even in the next 4-6 years but I think a few more would be good ... at least enough to keep the democrats honest.

    The republicans blew it when they had the majority - hard to yet tell if the democrats will do the same. In any case ... hopefully voters will learn to vote in the future with a bit more interest in the national implications of their vote vs the pork implications.

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    It would Be Great just to watch the bastards whine and blubber, I had 3 Orgasms one right after another when that Old White Bastard was yelling at Rat Face Specter.
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    First of all think of the legacy costs associated with this move, or does that only apply to the UAW folks???..

    OTOH.. not a bad idea, a few could be kept, but for the most part they all have one hand in the till and the other on someone's crotch...

    Pro means forward
    Con means going against
    Progressive means moving forward
    What does congress mean??

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