How Will The Patriots Develop New Wide Receivers This Time?

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    How Will The Patriots Develop New Wide Receivers This Time?
    By: Steve Balestrieri

    Belichick's move to bring back someone the staff knows and trusts to coach up the wide receivers makes complete sense....

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    Excellent article.
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    One of the best comprehensive analyses on the 2013 offense so far. Few have picked up on the importance of Brian Daboll returning to the fold, and the potential he holds to coach up a new WR group. With the QB, OL, TE and RB groups returning almost to the man, and all apart from TB and Mankins still in their 20's this is the perfect time to rejuvenate the WRs. The way the article is written it lightly infers that this may have been the plan all along, and we never really lost Lloyd and Welker. It was always the intent to move on, if we could have kept 83 it would have been nice but not essential.

    If Daboll can turn Dobson and Boyce into Branch and Givens of 2003/4 we are in for a spectacular year, though I am not expecting quite that level of achievement..... well at least until I see how they look in full training camp!
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    Having Daboll back should help. Personally, I'd throw Boyce, Dobson, and Amendola right into the fire from the first pre-season game on and go with a pass heavy attack as long as all three receivers are good to go, health-wise. That's really the best way to guage where they are at. If either of them struggle, tighten the reigns and find out where the misunderstanding is.
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    With so many new receivers there has to be a process to determine who
    Tommy will be spending his time with.

    So how do they develop the rookies and the new Vets into a system that
    is not that easy to master. Numbers seem to indicate they will take the
    approach that the cream will rise to the top. They are just hoping the
    cream of the crop will be good enough.
    IMO, it is risky throwing out most everything and starting over but they
    did bring in a lot of POTENTIALLY great talent. If they pull it all together
    this WR group could be significantly better than last year. Maybe not
    right away but by December they could he really humming.

    I will be interested to hear which WRs are running with the 1st string
    during TC other than Danny and Julian.
    Which names of Dobson or Moe or Boyce or Hawkins or Jones will we
    hear the most? Or will it be someone else?
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    It is an interesting observation that BB has in effect two WR coaches and also a OC and an OC spare.

    But I think that there is another plan for improving the WRs too. I think BB analyzed the guys who failed as Patriot WRS, even some supposedly talented ones. They have a common theme. Not too bright at all, Divas who lived off the athletic ability only.

    The entire group that they brought in now. All are very bright, team captains, and Academic All Americans types, as well as talented athletes.

    In several cases he by-passed a few perhaps more heralded WR candidates who are as smart as a block of granite. Tavon Austin, Corderelle Patterson and James Hunter will never be confused with the term 'student-athlete'. Only Robert Woods was such an intelligent and highly talented candidate that was taken before BB's selection, and he doesn't have the size or speed that Aaron or Josh possess.

    Danny Amendola is also no dummy turning in a superb Wonderlic score, more comparable to starting QBs than the typical barely literate scores of most WRs. Michael Jenkins has survived for almsot ten years in the league using his smarts to catch 40 passes a season as a pure possesion outside WR.

    We shall see.

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