How to judge Gostkowski -- Kirwan article

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by teamplay, Aug 24, 2006.

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    Kirwan's article of 8/24 assembles the stats on rookie kickers and sets the bar for judging Gostkowski: being near perfect from 39 yards in, and being 60% or better from 40-49.

    Worthwhile read:
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  3. JR4

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    Re: How to judge Goskowski -- Kirwan article

    This is a hard name to spell but isn't it

    G o s t k o w s k i
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    Re: How to judge Goskowski -- Kirwan article

    Good article. That's the first time I've seen the kicker acid test delineated so clearly: if he hits on 60% of his kicks from 40-49 yards he's doing OK.
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    Re: How to judge Goskowski -- Kirwan article

    Agree, and since Adam made only 8 of 14 (57%) of his kicks in the 40-49yd range during his rookie season, the bar is not set so high! Hopefully Pat fans will recognize that and be patient with our new kicker, happy with longer kick-offs etc!!
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    Why do I have this little suspicion that the Pats are going to expect better than 60% ?? But it's an excellent perspective for the fans to not go crazy if he misses one or two long ones.
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    Remember the pregame ritual that BB held with AV and Brad Seely? Establishing the target distance and emergency distance before each game? My guess is that BB and Seely will play it a bit conservative and keep Gostkowski within a makeable range until he's established his confidence in real game conditions.
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    I think we'll see a big improvement in field postion because of Gostkowski's leg strength...that alone should translate into more Patriot points generated during the game and less for the opposition. Field position is generally overlooked by fans but not by coaches. Numerous times AV's kickoffs fell short of the mark and led to the opponents starting past the 35-40 yard lines.
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    Re: How to judge Goskowski -- Kirwan article

    Unfortunately, most people don't really care what Vinatieri did his rookie year (myself included). And are just hoping for a consistent kicker that can be counted on in the clutch situations.

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