How The West (Alan) Has Fallen

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    THe Tea Party can sure change it's mind quickly, can't it?

    Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) says the back-and-forth accusations coming from the debt standoff won't affect his decision-making.

    West said that neither Tea Party groups nor Democrats would make him change his plan to vote for Speaker John Boehner's (R-Ohio) deficit plan. At least one Tea Party faction threatened to find a primary challenger for West because of his support for the Speaker.

    "One minute they're saying I'm their Tea Party hero, and three, four days later I'm a Tea Party defector; that kind of schizophrenia I'm not going to get involved in it," West said on conservative Laura Ingraham's radio show.

    West has said he has to vote his own conscience on this bill, and it doesn't matter if his Tea Party supporters disagree with him.

    Rep. West: Tea Party groups 'schizophrenic' in their support - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
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    I loathe the Tea Party, but I do recognize that -- very regretfully -- massive cuts do need to be made. That includes the military, which got a raise. (You won't find many Tea Partiers who would ever advocate a reduced military budget) ... Regardless, even if they avoid the deadline and carve out a deal at the 11th hour, this new fiscal reality for America? It's gonna sting REAL good boyz. ... And while Team "Privatize Everything" is well situated to ride out the storm, 90 percent of America is not. And that includes many of these dumbass "Tea Partiers."

    But whatever ... this Beltway drama, all of it - both between the two parties, and within each of them - is so completely unnecessary ... It would all be over if the president would just come out and say the words ... "the age of cheap energy is over." I mean, the IMF has said it, the IEA has said it, ... heck, even the Pentagon has said it. It's time to start behaving like grown-ups. We're like a booze-bag who has alienated everyone in our life, and keeps saying nothing more than "i gotta stop drinking," yet never goes to rehab.

    It would all be rendered moot if capitalism's leaders would just buck up for once and be honest about the fundamental problem facing industrial societies, really for the first time:... that the age of growth, certainly as we've known it, is essentially over. ... But they never can do it, because they're terrified about the 3,000-point DOW drop that would occur the very next day.

    You can not justify to me giving the Pentagon a raise (and Wall St. a mere slap on the wrist), and then turn around and attempt some moral highground when it comes to "fiscal responsibility." Sorry. Doesn't work that way, and no boogie man story about "radial Islam" can ever justify it.

    Cuts need to be made. The American way of life is on the verge of drastic changes. But ONLY because of the fact that the "promise" of ever more tomorrow turned out to be a big hoax, and thus the curtain on the great Ponzi scheme raised.

    Infinite growth was never possible. The Tea Party is right that spending must be reduced, but they have absolutely ZERO idea of the real reasons why.

    Get your popcorn. :popcorn:
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