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How the Patriots Played the Draft This Year

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by State, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. State

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    Jan 10, 2005
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    #17 Jersey

    By making noise that they were interested in Javon Walker, the NE Patriots caused the Denver Broncos to become jittery and trigger happy. So the Broncos signed Walker on impulse before a team that should have beaten them in the playoffs--N.E.--wouldn't be able to gain his services.

    This slightly changed the dynamics of the draft.

    Denver went for Jay Cutler, instead of the player the Patriots unbelivably were able to get by moving up in the second round--Chad Jackson, a proven SEC crisp-route receiver with size and determination and nearly Bethel Johnson's speed. I mean, 4.35/40 was the fastest combo time for receivers this year.

    This is a major find for the Patriots. This is their Vince Wolfork.

    Many people felt that Denver was going to nab Jackson with their first round pick.

    It's called Psych-Ops in the military, and I don't think another team does a better job of it than the Patriots during draft time.

    Not quite on the level of what they did to the jittery Jets several years ago re: Dwayne Robertson, but for this year I'm still impressed.

    For a team like the Patriots to gain the services of both Maroney AND Jackson on Day One is a major coup that will keep them on top of the AFC East for a few more years to come, keeping them ahead (though the margin shrunk) of the Dolphins.

    The Jets had a wonderful Day One too. That's one powerful OL they may have in place.
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    The Beauty Part

    Uh, the Broncos tried to sign Walker... but did they? Mixed reports on that. Which leaves them with no first round receiver pickup, another quarterback of the future, and bupkes from Walker thus far...

    And don't overlook the Pats' money situation. They still have the option of making a run on Walker... or at the very least, bidding up his services.

    (Unless I missed a bona fide signing.... but I don't think Denver and Walker are there yet.)

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