How the NFL can completely end the spygate contraversy (if they wanted to)..

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Truck, Feb 3, 2008.

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    By allowing filming and stating they do:
    How about : Within a stadium, at any location your team personell is allowed to be in, your allowed to film video, audio, as long as your not conceiling your intentions (say film must be done with orange colored cameras of a certain minimum size).
    Outside of a stadium, you're allowed to film with any camera (if your allowed to legally be there).

    Do that, and spy gate goes away.
    Think about it, people are retroactively tainting the patriots superbowl victories for then-legal camera usage. If the NFL made it legal from this point forward, all the haters would then say "well it obviously cant be a big deal if they decided to let everyone do it".

    And honestly, there's no reason why on-field cameras should be excluded when off-field cameras with which you can see the same things are not excluded.

    And for that matter, qb audibles recorded fromt he sidelines shouldn't be excluded either since CBS is allowed to do it on Brady.

    The only thing that should be excluded is sneaking-in/stealing.
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