how serious is this Moss deal?

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  1. If the Pats really want Moss (lets say).

    They gave up the 2nd pick round For Welker. What do they have to deal with? Who would/could they send out there?
    Oakland could use a good QB, but do the Pats send Cassel out there and try to get a QB in the draft? (just a thought to get this started)

    What do you guys think could possibly happen? (providing BB & SP really wanted Moss)
  2. Rob0729

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    I say there is about a 1% chance that a deal would happen. It would require Al Davis to settle for a second day pick and Moss to take a huge pay cut. Even then, the Packers may be willing to give up more in that scenario. The only reason why even give 1% is because hey anything can happen.
  3. JoePats

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    First off all, good to see a Pats fan from the bad state.

    Second, I doubt they would trade Cassel since there is no other experienced backup on the roster (Vinny retired?). Also he can't possibly be the key to the deal for the Raiders, though their new coach Kiffin did have him at USC.

    The Raiders probably want a first round pick, the Pats are saying no. The Pats are probably offering a 4th and it probably won't get done.
  4. BelichickFan

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    What we can say with a high probability of being right is that they're serious about trying to add another starting quality WR. Otherwise they wouldn't be thinking about Moss, talking to Stallworth, etc.
  5. PatsWorldChamps

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    I think it would be for a 3, and Moss takes a huge pay cut
  6. Krazy Koz

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    I agree with this 100% and I remember all of our fan concerns last year about Reche and Gaffney being our starters and a lot of fans wanting to make a WR move before the deadline. Maybe BB wanted to wait or had to wait... nonetheless we're adding depth and talent at WR and we we're a few drops away from the SB.
  7. PatsDparty

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    It could be a number 3 this year and a pick next year, maybe another 3 or a 2.
  8. Rob0729

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    There has been conflicting reports about the Pats being interested in Moss. Len Pasquerelli quoted a source close to Belichick saying that the Pats' interest in Moss is eroneous.

    I think the Moss thing is wishful thinking from the media hoping to have a Parcells/TO type training camp with Belichick and Moss. There has not been one story that has the Pats actually negotiating with the Raiders. All of them say the Pats are interested. At least with Stallworth there is evidence that the Pats are talking with him.

    I think the Pats are interested in adding a starting quality WR, but on their terms. Stallworth is willing to take a one year deal from the Pats if he doesn't get a better offer. That is on the Pats' terms. I can't see both Al Davis and Randy Moss coming around to meet the Pats' terms to make a deal.
  9. ivanvamp

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    I agree. Clearly, they want to upgrade the WR position even more than they did with the Welker deal. I know Borges lifted the info from another paper, but if it's true that Seattle is dangling Darrell Jackson, I'd rather give them the #28 pick for him than give up a 3rd rounder for Moss. Jackson is an outstanding producer but comes with *way* less baggage.

    Moss' 9 year averages: 75 rec, 1189 yds, 15.8 ypc, 11 td
    Jackson's 7 year averages: 63 rec, 921 yds, 14.6 ypc, 7 td

    If you eliminate Jackson's injury-plagued year in 2005, his averages over the 6 remaining years are: 67 rec, 994 yds, 14.8 ypc, 7.3 td

    So his numbers are worse than Moss', but (a) he's 2 years younger than Moss, and (b) he comes with a lot fewer headaches.

  10. Fencer

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    The Moss rumor pressures Stallworth.

    The Pats' interest in Stallworth pressures the Eagles on his behalf.

    I think the whole Stallworth thing will get resolved one way or the other before the Moss deal could possibly happen.
  11. Michigan Dave

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    I'm kinda thinking the same thing.
  12. Patriot Missile

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    I really don't think it will take the 28th pick to get Jackson. He probably could of been had for our 2nd rounder but we chose to use it elsewhere. I'd be dissapointed if we gave up the 28th for any WR not named Steve Smith,Holt,Harrison etc.
  13. Patriot Missile

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    I would give up the 24th and next years second for Fitzgerald though.
  14. marty

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    I think that Tomase has gotten some good speculation going by looking at need and throwing out some sh*t to see if it'll stick. BB's admiration for an athletes abilities does not translate into him being a "patriot type" of teammate. Good job, Tomase!
  15. Robdude

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    To me the biggest obstacle in this situation is Moss' current contract. I agree that he probably would want to play for a winning team but honestly, who would throw away a contract that is close to $10 million a year. I beleive he is still under the contract that is 8yrs for $75million with 2 (?) years left.

    We know the Pats will not pay him anything close to that and therefor why would anyone throw away a contract that is closer to $10 million for one that is closer to maybe $4 million. Now $4million is just a guess I have no idea what a Pats contract would be but would anyone is their right mind (or with an agent that is not a complete moron) agree to such a pay cut.

    I find it hard to beleive that the Pats would be talking salaries that are anywhere close to what he is currently getting paid. No sane man would agree to such a pay cut. Would you?

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