How many picks did Steve Belichick make?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by DW Toys, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. DW Toys

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    O.K. Cousins. theory or not, it would seem to me a conflict of interest that BB allows his son to influence the "War Room". Some of these kids made no sense. Mock or poopoo me all you want, am I not the only one who sees what is going on? These kids were Steve Belichicks best buddies at Rotgers.

    Shalise Manza Young made an interesting point on a radio interview today. Without stating the obvious, she said these Rutgers kids were all recruited and played for Tampa Bay Coach Schiano. Yet Schiano won't touch any of them in the Draft. That speaks volumes..... BB "Hey Stevie boy, I know you're BFFs with that Duran kid. Think he can play?"

    The standard Patriots B.S. line when they draft without sense is value pick, and their track record has been for the most part bad over the last ten years other than 2010 and last year, well they nose dived again to the "why" side I think. I know it's early. Loved Collins. Only pick I got right and had him in the second round too. Dobson is interesting, I can even buy Ryan....stop! Respectable Draft till then. I know everyone could be an All Pro, but.....If Nick Cesario uses that word "value" one more time to define these moves, there must be an attorney on this forum who can do a class action suit for libel in misuse of a word and for treating us like dummies.

    I saw this and credit another poster. I agree with his assessment that Harmon would have survived easily into round five without losing the highly touted Scarlet Knight and he even knew it was too high. Last years second rounder Mr. Wilson has been a JAG so far. Yet another "Why" pick. We doubled up in 2013.

    O.K. now here comes the tag line. "The Pats Draft differently". Yet every year Ted Thompson and Ozzie kick Bill's ass in the Draft room.

    Look I know the Draft is luck. I know, three years is a fair evaluation of the past Draft. But nepotism at it's finest causes three Draft picks (42% of your Draft and that doesn't even include one UDFA) from that NCAA Power House Rotgers, to be jammed into the 53. Anyone want to wager they all make the squad? "Shout down from the rafters..... Roll Scarlet and flat Silver!!!!.

    I like the first three picks, I liked Boyce and the Illini DE/OLB Buchanan. Not spectacular but solid in a weak Draft class.

    I give BB an A+++++ as a coach and C--- as a Drafter. It would be D but he makes some good trades like Thurs. Now let's not waste them.

    Anyone who does not think that Harmon could not have waited and Steve Belichick's fingerprints were not all over this pick????, well you'd be wrong then. Steve Belichick made this pick for sure. I hope I have to eat my words and Harmon is an All Pro, but even his tape stinks. Watch it.
    DW Toys
  2. Tunescribe

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  3. Brady2Moss

    Brady2Moss Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Well first of all Joker is going to come in here and lambast you because you stated Bill is not the bestest GM ever.

    But I think the real question is how many picks did McCourty influence. Either way I don't really care about the guy in the 7th those are fliers and if they think that guys good whatever. Harmon was head scratching, but what can you do tons of BBs third round picks have been garbage so reaching for garbage isn't a reason to lose it over.

    I think the draft overall was fine, they made an effort to draft receivers which is all I could ask for.
  4. scout

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    When I read the thread's title, I was thinking it was about BB's dad. He died a few years ago (RIP). Then again, might just as well been about him.
  5. primetime

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    The guy's a coverage safety so being largely devoid of tape is a good rather than a bad thing. He's not a big hitter who lays people out but also whiffs on tackles all the time, rather by all accounts he's a decent if unspectacular center fielder. He was probably overdrafted by a couple of rounds, but the Patriots didn't have a 5th or 6th round pick and who knows if they were fielding any calls to move up to where they picked him.

    Look, he could very well turn out to be terrible, but so will a lot - in fact, most - of the 3rd round picks in this draft (as in most drafts) regardless of whether they were considered value picks or reaches by the powers that be. I'm willing to wait and see with a skeptical eye.
  6. Sciz

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    I have a really hard time taking you seriously when comparing drafters thanks to your fifth paragraph. Perfect example of the grass always being greener.
  7. borg

    borg In the Starting Line-Up

    I suspect a few scouts may pencil in a Rutgers look-see next year. Such sweet fruit to be picked.
  8. Brady2Moss

    Brady2Moss Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    The best way to go about these moves is just to not get mad, it happens every year and won't change while BB is the HC/GM. You take the good with the bad. The benefit of these things is that I get to laugh my ass off every year come draft time.
  9. Big-T

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    2x First team all big East @ safety
    Apparently has a knack for blocking kicks

    If he turns out to be a good player, who cares if he was "over drafted", if he turns out to be garbage so what? He isn't the only safety on the roster.

    Also worth taking into account he played in the same defensive base as what the Patriots run which will help with communication at the back end and was part of the 4th best defense in College (PPG average) along with the 2 CBs from Rutgers picked up (one was UDFA).
  10. mgteich

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    We just need to consider that we drafted Buchanan in the 3rd and Harmon in the 7th and move on.

  11. Patriot_in_NY

    Patriot_in_NY Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Ok cousins........

    Time to put down the bong, or the booze, and relax a bit. Baby Belichick is not running the "war room". Sorry you don't like the draft, but please try to stay within the frame of reality when starting new posts. :rolleyes:
  12. Brady2Moss

    Brady2Moss Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Works for me just gotta look at the whole crop, if they come out with 2 good receivers and a good OLB/DE 3 years down the line I don't care if Harmon is king of special teams and has proven to still be overdrafted.
  13. patsfan13

    patsfan13 Hall of Fame Poster Supporter

    See when you make a statement like this you look foolish.
  14. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

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    Schiano just paid big dollars to Dashon Goldson and Darrelle Revis for his secondary (well the Bucs did), drafted Jonathan Banks at the top of the second round (and neither Ryan nor Harmon were expected to go that high), and had tons of other areas of need to fill. It wasn't like two picks before the Pats took Ryan, the Bucs took another CB instead. In the middle rounds, the Bucs drafted d-linemen which they needed more than another DB.

    Saying Schiano passed on the Rutgers players because he didn't want them is a very superficial argument. He didn't have an opportunity to draft them when they would have been drafted and weren't a need at that point either.

    He might not have taken them if there was a need and opportunity at the right draft position to draft them, but the Bucs were just not looking for secondary help after they invested a first (used to trade for Revis) and second rounder and huge contracts on three secondary players.
  15. ALP

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    i'm pretty sure you can find a sneakers bar at your closest gas station or supermarket...
  16. BB and his organization draft well. That's the end of the story.
  17. Brady_to_Moss

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    Anyone who thinks otherwise has no idea what is going on
  18. Archeryaddict12

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    That's how I feel, just look at who he drafted that set this dynasty up.
  19. Lifer

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    If this thread was meant to be serious its the most assinine thing ive ever read. If, on the other hand, this thread was meant to be funny its the most assinine thing ive ever read.
  20. PatsFan2

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    When the Harmon pick was made wasn't happy fess up guys. Harmon was not good value where we pick him also Tavon Wilson last year. Also Ted Thompson and Ozzie kick Bill's ass in the Draft room also that guy in Pittsburgh. How many of us felt a little sick to the stomach when Pittsburgh got WR Markus Wheaton? I did again I liked the picks except Harmon where they took him.
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