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    For all you GM wannabes, here's a history of roster count by position. From Eric McHugh. His is one of the blogs I've added to my list this season. Like Lombardi on the national scene, McHugh on the local scene is a good read.

    I won't repeat his blog entry here, but he lists the player counts for all positions, going back eight years.

    Note that DBs have hovered between 8 and 11 and OL between 8 and 10. Reiss, in his blog, has the Pats keeping 10 DBs and 8 OL in a year when OL is a clear weakness.

    That's where the count is useful. I would see them keeping Welbourn as a backup OG/OT over Richardson at CB, esp. if Kaczur is out for a while. Welbourn has been an NFL starter at both positions. Richardson would probably make the PS.

    The main issue is the 1st game guaranteed veteran salary and Welbourn was a street FA. They may cut him for the first game, get the PS settled and then re-sign him. Then again, why take chances with a weak position?
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