How many more times do they have to prove it to you?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by English Patriot, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. English Patriot

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    I just don't understand the crazy panic everytime the Pats get down or Brady is off in a game.

    YOU KNOW what is going to happen, you've seen the story a thousand times over: Tom get's it together, defense get's takeaways, Pats win.

    Why oh why do people feel the need to say mid-game that 'brady is done', 'draft a QB', 'this defense sucks'?

    The overreaction is crazy, it was the same scenario agaisnt the Saints until Tom and the rookie receivers shut the doubters up in the last minute.

    Today he was off big time the first half, but then BAM come the 3rd quarter a beautiful route, throw and catch to Dobson and then an absolutely perfect TD throw to Gronk which was unfortunately wiped off.

    EVERYONE knew this offense was going to take time to gel before the season got underway yet STILL people are moaning knowing that the wrinkles are being ironed out week by week. This D is elite when they get Talib (best corner in the league) and Kelly back. I'll even say they were today considering what they did in that 2nd half.

    The offense is going to be SCARY come playoff time with a 100% Gronk and fingers crossed a fully integrated Amendola who i believe has got over the injury jinx for the season. Not to mention the rookies getting better every week with the Vereen dynamic thrown into the mix.

    The most important thing to stress though is that we're 6-2!! You'd think we were 2-6 given the hysteria. No doubt when Tom & co destroy the Broncos next month and Talib picks off Peyton 3 times all the fickle ones will forget what they said very quickly.
  2. Joker

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    you want an answer now???

    wait until next game when they get down...go to the game'll get all the explanations you want on why, how, and for how long they have sucked...the little rats scurry back in their troll holes when the game is over.
  3. Efstratios

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    I'll admit, I'm just as guilty, if not more guilty than anyone else on this forum when it comes to ledge jumping. Do I still think this team has a boatload of concerns? Undoubtedly. That being said, if we are relatively healthy and the O shows more consistency, then I really like our chances against Denver and it's troubled D.
  4. English Patriot

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    The only thing i can moan about is how the hell Bolden and Blount get to split carries with the beast that's Ridley.

    THAT'S IT. Everything else on O and D is right on schedule that we and to their credit all the pundits thought it would be. Come playoff time this team could get crazy hot and deliver another ring without a doubt.
  5. PATRlOT

    PATRlOT Banned

    I get pretty heated with some posts in the game-day thread but I stand by most of what I say. (I'm not one of those people saying to draft a new QB or anything though lol)

    I still think our play calling is very questionable. Especially on 3rd down and on long yardage situations.

    I also hate the decision to start Blount and use him more frequently over Ridley. Ridley gives us a nice spark at RB, whereas Blount has like 1 or 2 nice runs every 40 touches.
  6. Froob

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    Not sure this offense will ever be scary this season but, I agree. I may get negative but I never give up and turn off the game. Was one of the few guys still watching and posting down 31-3 vs san fran.
  7. English Patriot

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    Nothing wrong with it buddy just remember next time you are about to say those things that almost every time this team will come through.

    I say almost because games against he Jets and Cinci will inevitably happen but there are plenty more games like the Saints and Dolphins when it comes to the pats that happen as opposed to the other 2.
  8. PatsBoy12

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    That's just the nature of an average sports fan . . . not all of us, just some. There's just too much emotion that eventually leads to irrationality. A football game is 60 minutes and must be allowed to play out to its conclusion. It's hard to see it that way, however, when your team is losing and looking really bad in doing so. I learned a long time ago to never get too high when things are good and never get too low when things are bad. It took years to learn, but I've got it down now. Better late than never, I guess.
  9. English Patriot

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    IMO the only downfalls for this team is the at times mind numbing playcalls of Josh and also the disrespect and lack of faith shown to Ridley who is a STUD back.
  10. Froob

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    At some point, there must be a story that comes out that Ridley is a prick or something or he stole BB's lunch money. It really makes no sense.
  11. Efstratios

    Efstratios Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    I agree. In regards to this board, I predict that one blowout game (unlikely, I'm aware) in which he put up 30+ pts would alleviate some of the concerns on here. We've been overdue for one of those, and it'd be comforting, as it would demonstrate that our O is still capable of it. That being said, I'd rather peak come playoff time than look dominant during the regular season.
  12. Ozymandias

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    People get easily caught up in the moment, and the emotions and all that.

    But, this season has been about resiliency in the face of adversity. There aren't big 30+ blowouts, each game has been a grind in some form or fashion. This team is building toward something special, as a fan I can only appreciate the ride this team is going on.

    The highs, the lows. They're all real, but the Patriots play 60 minutes of football. Win, lose, or draw. I never had any doubts that they would win this game today, I just said as long as they come out of the second half with more emotion and intensity they could turn the tide, and they did, and the rest is history. I guess I could be like others and say all those silly things, but what kind of fan would I be if I did?

    I cheer for this team as if I'm right on the sidelines with them, in the huddle with them. Now ask for yourself, if you were on the sideline with your troops how would you be acting? Those guys never stopped believing they could win despite the bad start, so why should we?
  13. English Patriot

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    Please help me out bro because i for the life of me cannot figure out how a guy that good is losing carries to a lesser version of BJGE.
  14. RIpats88

    RIpats88 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    The benching of Ridley/Logan nearly cost us the game in the first half IMO...its clear when those 2 are in there they are difference makers.

    when they decided to finally play Ridley, he gets a first down and the offense gets rolling...not a coincidence.
  15. English Patriot

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    Just imagine the mental toughness that will be built from these kind of wins!
    Just picture a scenario where our backs are against the wall in an AFC title game for example and Tom looks around and thinks 'man i was getting W's with a bunch of rookies who couldn't catch a cold at times and i was throwing the ball like crap'. He'll then think 'this is nothing compared to that, we got this'

    What does a blowout achieve? Nothing. Winning tight games while allowing your D to make plays to give you the ball and coming through in the clutch provides a foundation for championships.
  16. jsull87

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    Look i agree with you. Even in the Bengals Jets games we lost we played terribly but were some how still in it at the end. Giving us a legit chance to actually be 7-6 or 8-0 at this stage which is ridiculous with what we have been through.

    But if i am brutally honest with myself. I think this team gets to the playoffs and i am terribly proud of their fight and what they have overcome. We are getting great experience of the rookies and Jones/Vellano/Ryan/Amendola/KT have all stepped up.

    But for me if we play Denver, Seattle, SF and Kansas i think we lose 1 from 2 or are underdogs in all games due to our injuries.

    I personally don't think this team can consistently beat good teams suffering the injuries we have. Do i trust and cheer on this team every week and hope we win? Absolutely. I also think our Offense will get better.

    But the fact remains against the Elite i think we will lose more than we win unfortunately. If Mayo, Wilfork, Gronk, Amendola, Talib, Vereen, Vollmer, Ridley, Kelly and Brady were healthy all year? I'd take us any day against anyone.

    In saying that i can't wait to see what this team holds and it could take place along my all time favorite pat teams.
  17. MrBigglesWorth

    MrBigglesWorth Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    I haven't posted in years, but what I'm seeing on offense is upsetting.

    On the top of the list is the continual pounding of Brady. One of these hits he is going to be out of the game for a while. The o-line is a mess... is it because of the lack of true hot routes, lack of a tight end to stay in and help with blocking, the rb blocking(we so miss Kevin Faulk), or is it the O-line itself. who is the main culprit? We can blame one of all but the fact is Brady is getting pommeled as the pocket collapses and the opponent is getting free hits on him. We continually see free rushers come off the edge up the middle and protection doesn't seem to get better. Cincy did it, the Jets did it and we saw it today among the many other games throughout the season.

    As many have said Ridley is the true stud. The drop off after him with Boldin and Blount is huge. I can only think that it's his knee injury that is holding him back. if this is intentional benching then BB and McDaniels get what they deserve. How many more times do I have to see Bolding on 3rd down not get the first down when it's 3 yards? Every broadcast says Blount is big and powerful. Maybe big but clearly not powerful.... I've seen too many times on the goal line when they go in reverse. The guy doesn't drop his pads and use his 250 to push people back. He tries to finesse foe a 250 pound guy.

    Ridley and Vereen are clearly the 2 best backs on this team and when Vereen is back they should be getting 75% of the snaps.

    How many more times do I have to see Blount on kickoff coverage. Sure he had some good returns today just past the 20 but most times he takes it out of the end zone to be trapped behind the 20.

    I keep seeing people say the offense will gel but we are at the midpoint of the season. It seems to have regressed somewhat with the return of Gronk and Brady's forcing of it to him continually. They have little to no identity. Having the ball in the redzone inside the 5 is a disaster especially when anyone not named Ridley tries to run it. I just don't know if they've simplified the offense for the rookies which has resulted in the defense being able to better predict coverage.

    Playcalling can be debated as well as identity but what can't be debated is Brady getting sacked at a record rate and the dropoff from Ridley(I'm assuming he is really banged up).
  18. Brady6

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    The team doesn’t have anything to prove in my opinion; Josh McDaniels has a lot to prove though, and in my opinion he is handicapping this team on a weekly basis with his poor play calling and even worse use of personnel.

    My concern for this team is centered on the fact it is winning on the individual efforts of certain players and not because of a winning formula; if not for the some exceptional plays when it all matters by Brady or Talib this team could have a 1-6 record with its lone victory coming against the winless Bucs. The defense has improved leaps and bounds, unfortunately it has been decimated by injuries but it still comes to play every Sunday. The offense is not very good and although many question Brady I am of the opinion that without Brady this offense would be lucky to break the 10 point barrier on a given Sunday, it may not be pretty but Brady is willing this team to victory week in and week out.
  19. English Patriot

    English Patriot In the Starting Line-Up

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    Of course, Tom doesn't just get paid for his ability but because he is a LEADER and a CAPTAIN. What we saw from Tom earlier in the season was very healthy behavior from a winner. He HATES to lose and that's why in every press conference or interview he puts aside his stats for the team record.

    He get's paid the big bucks because he sets the standard which trickles down and hence why we don't have losing seasons with this guy at QB.
  20. NEPettyOfficer72

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    Here is my question.. if Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning can be favored by their fans in the media as well as sports analysts in each game no matter who is injured or hurt then why can't Tom Brady? Is either Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning a better quarterback then Tom Brady realistically? I'd say no, I mean come on, lets be real here. I promise you if you asked any player or coach in this league 50 times who they think is the best is and who they would have to win a game then I guarantee the majority of the answers would be the Tom Brady. This is Tom Brady people, the same Tom Brady that won an MVP in 2011. There is no decline in his game, or drop off as idiots or morons would say such a stupid thing. If you want to say the guy is old? I think not, older but not old because Peyton is OLDER and is still great so is Tom. These type of wins allow others to step up, grow, improve, become leaders, become stars and become a complete championship team. Then you still have the best Coach, QB, TE, and CB so.. everyone needs to slow their roll and realize what we have, and that we're building something special.

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