How low can they go?

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by patsfan13, Jun 9, 2011.

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    I am not a big fan of the public employee's unions, however I have no problem with them protesting pols they oppose like Walker and Christie. But this shows the unions as real selfish dirt bags. There was a ceremony in WI for special Olympics, The UW marching band was there and Walker was saying a few words to the Special Olympics kids. Then the Union show up and disrupts the event and blocks the views of the children.

    RealClearPolitics - Video - Wisconsin Union Protesters Disrupt Special Olympics Ceremony

    Who hassles children with disabilities? What sort of people are these?

    Do they think this will cause normal people to support them?
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    That's fuggin LOW! But they and the other side can go lower.

    I oppose the clown in WI, but I also oppose the clowns who broke up this event. These Special olympians have so few opportunities in life like this. I think it reflects the gutter that public discourse is in today. There are no limits. I have a real soft spot for intellectually challenged people and believe they have enough crap in life to deal with and should be "off limits". These protesters should get the crap beaten out of them, IMO.
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    Nasty ones, to be sure......probably on a par with those who would take money from their educational system.

    With more than $800 million cut in general school aid, the 2011 Biennial State Budget proposed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker could lead to less supports for, and greater segregation of, special education students. Local school districts will be forced to make drastic cuts, leading to larger class sizes and less hands-on assistance for students who require special accommodations for learning. The budget will also reduce local revenue caps by 5.5%, making it extremely difficult for local districts to raise money locally. Despite these drastic cuts to public education, the Governor is proposing a $40 million increase for school choice, charter schools and open enrollment, and extending these options to families with much higher incomes. Special education students are often not afforded the luxury of taking advantage of such options and therefore will not benefit from this funding increase.

    New Horizons Un-Limited: Wisconsin Legislation that affects individuals with disabilities: Special Report: 2011 Budget Bill

    The Governor’s proposed budget makes significant cuts to education. β€’ Flat funding of special education categorical aids amounts to a cut in the reimbursement to local school districts for special education services from the current 27.9% to 24.5% by the end of the biennium. Talking Points.pdf

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